Use 3D models (WITHOUT CALCAR)


Following these steps you will learn to use the 3D models of Clip Studio Paint without the need to trace them.

The first thing we do will be a sketch with the general idea of our character, that is, the pose we want to create, the idea is to make a quick sketch without details.
In my case it will be a character with crossed arms.

After this we proceed to import our 3D model, we go to the Window - Material - Material Body Type menu.

In the window that has just appeared, we select the type of body we want and drag it to our canvas.

Once we have our 3D model on the canvas we will have to click and drag on each part of the body that we want to move until we imitate the pose we want to achieve.

We hide the initial sketch, then we create another layer and draw lines from our model to one side, this to have reference of the size of each part of the body.

We created a new layer and drew this pose taking reference to the 3D model and the lines we had drawn. In this step it is not necessary to make many details, we simply do the general sketch of the pose.

When we are happy with the base sketch we will create a new layer where we will make the details of our sketch.

Then we proceed to color our drawing.

With this we have the work done, this way we will avoid tracing the 3D models and we will learn more and more to make our own poses and we will understand more the proportions when drawing.



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