How to create an elemental magic brush




Video Tutorial


-In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a fire brush.

-You can use that technique to create several similar brushes such as thunder, wind, and many more.


Create a [Brush Tip]

-First, I duplicate the standard [G-pen] in the [Pen] tool

-I'll call the duplicated one [Random Dots]

-Now while using [Random Dots], click on the [Wrench]/[Sub tool detail] Button

On the [Sub Tool Detail] Palette:

-Go to [Spraying Effect] section

-Check the [Spraying Effect] box to active it

-Change the [Particle Size] until you can clearly see the dots

--Please note that [Brush Size] and [Particle Size] are 2 different values

-Change the [Particle Density] to Minimum

-Change the [Spray deviation] to maximum

--You should active the eye icon next to these values, so they will appear on the [Tool Property] palette. So if you want to change them later, you don't need to open this [Sub Tool Detail] palette again.

-Go to the [Stroke] section

-Choose [Fix] type ( the [Single Dot] button next to the [Gap] line )

-You can change the [Gap] value to change the space between the dot particles.


-Next, draw a black tall rectangle like this

-Next, click on the [Transparent] color, to make it become the active color.

-With the [Transparent] color activated, any brush will only spray transparent and work like an [Eraser]

-Use the [Random Dots] brush to erase 2 sides of the rectangle to turn it into a fire shape zig-zag like this:

-Duplicate the fire shape to another layer.

-Change the color of the top layer to White

-[Gaussian blur] the bottom layer (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur)


-And we have something like this:

-Duplicate the blurred layer several times to make the outer glow thicker

-Merge everything together.

-Go to [Selection area] tool, use [Rectangle] selection tool

-Select a bit of the top and a bit of the bottom of the merged fire shape

-Delete the selected parts


-Now we have the glowing fire shape with clean cut on both side

-Duplicate it, then Transform (Ctrl-T) the Duplicated one.

-[Flip] it by click on the [Flip Vertical] button on the Sub Tool Detail.

-Drag it down, and try to make it's top perfectly fit with the Original's bottom

-Merge them together into 1 layer

-Change that layer [Expression Color] to [Gray]

--This step is important, if you don't change it to [Gray], you won't be able to change the color of the final brush, it will just keep the current color.



-Now while we are still on that layer

-Go to menu [Edit] > [Register Marterial] > [Image]


-On the [Material Property] palette

-Give this material a name, please remember it, we will need to search for it using this name later. I'll call it [Fire Base] here.

-Check the box [Use for brush tip shape]

-Choose a location to save the material


Use the [Brush Tip] to create a Fire brush

-Now we go back to the [G-Pen] and duplicate it again

-I'll call this one [FIRE] brush

-And then open the [Sub Tool Detail] of it


-Go to [Brush Tip] section

-On the [Tip Shape] line, choose the [Material] type

-Click on the [Add Brush Tip Shape] button

-Input the name of the material we created to search for it (FireBase in my case)

-Choose it and Ok

-Next, go to the [Stroke] section

-Check [Ribbon] (I swear this little box is one of the strongest features on CSP). It repeats the brush tip continuously and bends it along with our strokes.

-OK, and we finished the brush.

Showcase and How to use

-Now let's choose the color

-Just remember:

--Foreground = black = the outer glow

--Background = white = the inner glow

-After you finish picking colors. Make sure you click on the Foreground again to make it the active color.


-Now let's test it:

-It's not bad, but we can make it better

-Change the layer's [Blending Mode] to [Add (Glow)]

-Create another layer and change its [Blending Mode] to [Add (Glow)] as well.

-Spray another fire brush on top of the bottom one


-This type of brush has a weak point, that is when we spray 2 or more brushes on the same layer, it will become a mess like this.

-There's a trick to deal with this problem

-We can fill the layer with black, then change its [Blending Mode] to [Add (Glow)]

-And then on the [Tool Property] of the brush, change the brush's [Blending Mode] to [Add (Glow)]


-This way we don't need to worry about overlapping any more, they will blend with each other.

-We also don't need to work on several layers to create a beautiful fire.

-That's pretty much it for this tutorial, technically.

-Just try to be creative on the [Brush Tip] making part, and you can create several interesting brushes for yourself, or even sell them on

-Here're 2 more examples:

[Thunder] and [Wind] examples

Thank you for reading!



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