How to draw bread using real pencils




I will draw bread with a real pencil.

1. The first picture

Draw the shape of the bread with a round pen.

2. Block division

Divide it into four blocks while drawing the sketch as a reference.

The left block, the middle block, the right block, and the contents are four.

3. Change the color of the layer

Layer divided into blocks

Edit → Tone correction → Hue, Saturation, Lightness

Change all to white.


I made it all white.

(The background is painted to make it easy to understand.)

4. Color with clipping

I paint using a real pencil.

The setting of the pen looks like this.

Clip on the white layer and paint.

I painted pale yellow at first.

Then paint brown.

Move the pen back and forth to coat the surface of the pan firmly.

The contents will be painted at the time of finishing so leave them under the prime.

Apply an ume color between light yellow and brown.

Apply a dark brown color to the bottom and to the left of the middle block.

Layer structure. Make the configuration so that the light color is on the bottom.

5. Revised

I will retouch and shape.

Paint the contents of the bread.

Move the pen to the side.

I want to bring out the difference in texture with the surface, so I paint it with a feeling of leaving white without leaving too much.

Layer structure.

I used a layer mask to erase part of it because I wanted to give a feeling of breaking the bread.

The surface part is also added.

After drawing with a real pencil, I erase a part with a layer mask and arrange it.

Make sure that the touchdown layer is below the layer you created earlier.

When erasing with a layer mask, I selected the transparent color with a chalk brush and erased.

You can erase with a brush of the desired shape by selecting the transparent color.

Smooth the surface color gradient a little and add highlights.

6. Complete

Make a white background and draw a background with a real pencil.

This is the end of this making.

Thank you for reading so far!



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