Upload print data using CLIP STUDIO SHARE




This is a TIPS of the general-purpose SHARE submission method.


  • This article is in Japanese. Machine translation is performed on sites other than Japanese.


If you manage your manga works with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, you can use CLIP STUDIO SHARE to send the submitted data (high resolution data for printing).

There are two ways to create submission data. Please use it according to your needs.


  • Please use with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX ver 1.9.1 or later.


  • The procedure is different for submission to Shueisha. Please see the following courses.

[1] Upload from CLIP STUDIO SHARE



(2) When the top of "CLIP STUDIO SHARE" is displayed, scroll to display [Submit print manuscript].


③ Select and click from the following two submission methods according to the purpose.


1. "Draft from CLIP STUDIO" is output as an integrated image with the text layer displayed in the manuscript data as it is, and is sent in a zip.


2. "Draft from CLIP STUDIO (text separation)" is output with the text layer of the manuscript data hidden. The text of the text layer is output as a separate text file, and the printed image data without the text displayed and the text file are sent together in a zip.


④ Click [Proceed to upload work] in [Horizontal reading work].


(5) When the CLIP STUDIO SHARE screen is displayed, select the manuscript data to be submitted.


⑥ When the confirmation message is displayed, click [OK].

CLIP STUDIO PAINT starts, the manuscript data is output, and it is uploaded to the CLIP STUDIO server.


(7) Enter the [Title] and [Setsumei] of the manuscript on the displayed screen, and proceed to [Next].


⑧ When the disclosure range setting screen is displayed, turn on [Require password] and enter the password.

  • Please enter the password in half-width alphanumeric characters (including symbols).



If [Require password] is turned on, only those who know the password can view and download the manuscript data. If you are working with a manga manuscript that has not been published in a magazine or site, be sure to turn on [Require password].


⑨ Click [Publish].


⑩ When the upload of the manuscript data is completed, the URL will be issued. You can view and download the manuscript from this URL.

You can copy the URL by clicking Copy. Contact the editor in charge with the URL and the password set in step ⑦.


This completes the upload. Separately, the URL and password will be sent to the other party to complete the submission.



If you forget the URL, you can check it from [List of published works] of CLIP STUDIO SHARE. By clicking [Edit] on the submitted manuscript, you can check the URL and change the disclosure range and password settings.

[2] Check the manuscript data

After the URL of the manuscript and the password are sent, we will check and download the manuscript data.


① Open the site of the sent URL with a browser. Enter the password and click Confirm.


② The work page will be displayed.


-Click [Download print data] to download the manuscript data.



When uploading print data using CLIP STUDIO SHARE, please output the work from these buttons. These other buttons do not have traffic data attached.



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