Holographic / Iridescent Effect


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Holo effect very quickly and to create a modern and striking touch.

To get started

I have an illustration, the layer of the clothes, which is where I am going to use the effect, is separated from the rest, we do this to make it easier, no matter the colors of this

Correction layer: tone curve

I select
> layer
> correction layer
> tone curve

I start with a light adjustment and continue with all the colors of the RGB tab

Adjust RGB curves

Adjust the curves as in the images, this will create a color map that will help us apply the effect, once done we adjust the correction layer to the layer to which we want to give the effect, in my case to the clothes, that I already had separated

Layer Effect Application

Using the indicated icon we can adjust the correction layer to the layer where the clothes are, We adjust the opacity of the correction layer and test different modes of the layer, multiply, color, hard light etc. until we find something we like. In my case I decided on the 50% opacity multiplication, to continue editing in a simple way, it is best to select the option to combine layer, so the colors are integrated and can be easily mixed

I share my final result, this trick is very simple, and can be easily used for all types of illustrations and not only in clothing, to give a modern and striking touch, I hope you liked it and serve you a lot in your next illustrations

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