How to hide the skin texture


I will explain how to hide only the skin when using texture.

1. Texture synthesis

First, select the hologram texture from the material download folder.
Drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Change the layer mode from normal to overlay.

If the opacity is 100%, the assertion is a little strong, so lower the opacity to 30%.

Opacity 100%↓

Opacity 30%↓

Rasterize the layer and finish compositing.

2 Hide the skin texture

I would like to hide the texture only on the skin because it is a little difficult to see the face.

First, check the skin layer and click Layer → Selection from Layer → Create Selection.

The skin layer has been selected, but because it is painted out of the color, it is not possible to pull out only the skin part.

To select only the skin part, check the layer of hair and clothes and click Layer → Selection from Layer → Delete Selection.

By doing so, only the skin part can be selected.

In this state, if you mask the texture layer with layer → layer mask → selection area mask, you can hide only the skin part neatly.

I think this makes my face easier to see.

State without skin texture ↓

As it is (with skin texture) ↓

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far!


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