The Simple Way to Paint Hair


Hi, I am Kimiko from Indonesia. I love painting, of course, I still learn all about how to painting. firstly I am sorry for my English but I'll try to make all of you understand what I mean.
let's be friends, follow me @princesskimiko1.
thankyou :)

1. Making sketch

firstly, you have to make sketches. You can draw somebody's as you want. Here I using Dense Watercolor brush to making a sketch. You can use every brush in CSP to make a sketch that makes you comfortable.

2. Hairfall Gesture

In this step, you have to decide the gesture move from your sketch's hair. The picture above is one example from the gesture move of long hair. You have to decide how to make a gesture move in every haircut. Like, short hair, long hair, straight hair or curly hair, etc.

3. Base color

After a deal with the sketch, now we have to paint hair with a base color. I using Transparent watercolor to fill the hair. of course, you can choose your own favorite color, just follow my steps. :)

4. Shadows

This step is to emphasize the line that we decided in step number 2. You have to remember the gesture move that you have decided. I used Air brush>hard to make shadows on my sketch's hair, just imagine the dark side of the hair and choose a color that is darker than the base color, still in the same undetone.

5. Light-soft

In this step, we add white soft color on hair that didn't add the dark color in the previous step. Don't add too much white color because we just want it as a highlight. after doing this step, the hair will look more volume than before.

6. Draw hair gesture

This step is to reinforce the gesture line that was created in step 4. I used Watercolor>Dense watercolor to make the line. it makes your hair painting have a stroke. Make a line that is not too thick and doesn't forget about the gesture we create before.

7. Curve

In this step, we will make the dark and light parts of the hair that we made earlier. Do not use brushes or use other colors but only use one of the settings in CSP. Click Edit > Tonal Correction > Tone Curved. Then, you can adjust the curved to get the right color for the hair.

8. Overlay

It's time to play overlay on the painting. add an overlay and play around with. Overlay allows you to add more color that mixed with the base color. In this step, I made a new layer for overlay. O yaa, I only use a single layer in this tutorial. so after you play overlay I suggest you merge the layer into a single layer.

9. Hair Strand

The hair strand is so important, draw the strand over the hair following the hair-fall gesture. it gives you realistic hair-fall by the way. for the strand to use a hair texture to get more realistic results. but, in this case I use Indian Ink->Rough.

10. Color dodge

The last step to making beautiful hair is adding special effects. make a new layer and change the color mode into Color dodge. use the special pattern brush like sparkling brush etc, also add some glowing part using Airbrush-soft to get the soft glowing transition. Now your beautiful hair full of glitter.

11. Finish

Well, I am sorry for now showing you how I paint the face. It's because I just want you to focus on how to make hair. I can make another tutorial about it if you were interested.

that's all the simple steps to make beautiful hair. of course, you can make a detailer than this tutorial. I just show you the basics, now it's your time to make beautiful hair. see you next time.


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