Setting Perspective Ruler




Brief Ruler Explaination:

Red: Vanishing points. You can click and drag them


Green: Edits both vanishing points at the same time


Blue: Edits singular vanishing point arm


Pink: Deactivates vanishing point by clicking on it. Click again to activate


Purple: Rotates the orientation of the horizon


Yellow: Moves ruler according to the horizon


Black circle: Moves ruler without editing it


Create a new raster layer, go to Layer>Ruler-Frame>Create Perspective ruler. Choose the perspective according to your needs. In this case I chose a 3 Points perspective.



I'm going to set my perspective ruler according to the generic vanishing points I drew in my thumbnail. Of course I'm going to adjust it to make the final perspective as stable as possible.


When the ruler is active, go to Object>Tool Property and select XZ plane to enable grid.


This is how I set my ruler for this composition:

This is how the ruler looks like applied to the thumbnail:



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