Now that we have chosen what we want to draw, we can start with the final draft!


Make a new vector layer. I usually keep it on Gray because I may still need the opacity transitions that Monochrome layers don't provide.


The process to draw buildings at this stage summarizes to drawing "boxes" and adding details to them (windows, bricks, etc.) afterwards.






To draw lines that the ruler doesn't allow, use Click + Shift.

You can create more vanishing points to draw buildings or things to differentiate angles so that the composition doesn't look too stale.


In ruler layer, select the ruler by clicking on it. Then Right click to open the window. Select Add Vanishing Point. Position the new vanishing point where you want it along the horizon.

In this phase more precision is required, because when you'll be inking you'll need as much clarity as possible.


Luckily for us, though, even if we are really messy, our best friend Vector eraser saves us from certain doom.


You can keep refining and erasing excess lines until the draft is clean enough for you to understand it at low opacity and ink easily on it.


Before starting my job I tried to make my drafts as pretty and detailed as possible, but afterwards I realised that it was best to keep it as simple as I could, because inking and doing finishes would take the most of my time anyway.


So I suggest:


  • Just want to draw a doodle-y background? Refine your draft until satisfied.


  • Want to post a picture of your process on sns? Refine your draft until satisfied. Then finish with ink.


  • Are you drawing a comic for a contest/commercial project? Time saving is the best choice here. Make a minimal draft that you will understand when inking.


This is the final draft!


You can see that some lines aren't drawn according to the ruler's perspective. This is because it gives the drawing a more natural feeling.


Also from my experience I learned that as long as the background feels "correct" and looks good, the perspective doesn't need to be 100% accurate for every line.




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