2. How to operate the canvas



Drawing and touch gestures

* Touch Operation basics

・Undo: Two-finger tap

You can undo brushstrokes and other operations.

・Redo: Three-finger tap

You can redo a previously undone operation.

・Scaling the canvas: Two-finger pinch

You can zoom in or out of the canvas by widening or narrowing the gap between two fingers.

・Moving the canvas (Hand tool): Two-finger swipe

When you drag two fingers over the screen, you can move the canvas like you would with the [Hand] tool.

Add tapering to devices that do not support pen pressure

The following three sub tools are set to [Starting and ending]. Setting [Starting and ending] makes the beginning and end of a line thicker or thinner, even if your device doesn’t support pen pressure.

・[Pencil] tool > [Pencil] > [Tapered pencil]

・[Brush] tool > [Watercolor] > [Tapered watercolor]

・[Pen] Tool > [Pen] > [Tapered pen]

If you want to make other tools such as the pen, brush, or eraser have the same tapered effect, click the tool icon at the bottom left of the [Tool Property] palette and set it to [Starting and ending] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.

For more details on [Starting and ending], please refer to the following article.


Adjusting pen pressure

If you are using a 3D Touch compatible device, you can adjust pen pressure settings for drawing with your finger. Adjusting pen pressure settings allows your brushstrokes to match your natural drawing pressure.

(1) Tap the [Menu] button in the upper left corner of the screen and select [App Settings] > [Pen Pressure Settings].

(2) Adjust your pen pressure using the test canvas in the [Adjust pen pressure] screen.

Draw freely on the canvas while intentionally varying your drawing pressure as you would normally while drawing, then tap [Check adjusted settings].

Note:To use a Wacom stylus, tap [If using Wacom Stylus Pen] before drawing a line on the canvas in step (2).


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