Basics of elementary reading comics (Webtoon)



Here, I will explain vertical reading comics (Webtoon). This page also comes with a video, so thank you too.

Vertical reading manga (Webtoon)

Webtoon is a manga specially designed for reading on smartphones. The screen has a vertical configuration that does not have “turn pages” so that it can be read easily by scrolling on a smartphone. Because it is intended to be viewed on the screen rather than on paper, it is relatively common to use color.


Subtitles are recommended because they are explained in subtitles.


I will give a brief explanation of creating Webtoon.

First, click "New" in "File" at the top of the screen.

(If there is a "new" icon in the command bar, you can click it.)

Then, the setting screen for creating a new canvas is displayed. Let's select this preset.

The video below explains how to work with "pull" and "lean". (Because I adjusted to that time, the video here starts from the middle. Subtitles are recommended.)

It is like this when only the settings are introduced.

An example

It is a video that you can enjoy the atmosphere as if you were actually scrolling. (Also starts from the middle.)

Use format effectively

As a matter of course, in vertical reading, the reader understands "what is there" in order from the top. For this reason, the production method is different from a paper manga with horizontal reading.
For example, you may be able to produce more effective than horizontal reading, such as "Starting from the face of a grandmother and scrolling to the hand ... a poisonous apple!" not.

Unexplored area

The Webtoon world is considered to be an unexplored territory, but since manga can be said to be a niche industry, it seems that chair picking games have already begun.

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