How to make a texture and use it as a brush



Here, I will introduce "Creating a simple texture and applying it to a brush" performed with CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

What is a "texture"?

"Texture" is a so-called "texture", and in the case of digital illustrations, it is an element that adds depth to the painting. For example:


It is explained in the subtitles of this video. Please turn on subtitles and watch.

Try to make a texture

You can use the material recorded in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, but this time I will create it simply. Prepare a gray layer of expression color on a “square canvas” of appropriate size. Please follow the steps from here on the video (subtitles on).

Since it is created assuming that it will be used for the quality of brush paper, we aim to make it “seamless and transparent”. And if you use "image material layer" in addition to setting it as a brush, you can use "texture composition" in the layer property when using it as a cover on the illustration, so you should be able to give a texture different from covering with multiplication or overlay ..

Apply a texture to the brush

See the part surrounded by a red frame in the image.

This is from around here in the video (subtitles turned on).

Textured brush

In the video, I also touched on the "drawing feeling" and settings of the brush whose texture was set in advance (the setting is displayed on the right side of the screen. It may be easier to see it when paused).

I'm also talking about using a brush (or rather a pen) with a texture set in monochrome binary.

This is the texture brush distributed by CLIPSUDIO ASSETS by the author of this TIPS.


This talk was completed digitally, but I think the method will change a little when analog capture is used. Try it in a way that suits you...

in conclusion

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Thank you for your likes!
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