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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to draw a fiery demon in a fantastic character
1. We will work with a black base coat, in this way the fire will be more visible in our illustration.
to. We double click on the Paper layer.

b. This in turn displays a menu in which we select the color black.

In this way we will already have our base layer black.

2. In the toolbar we choose the ruler or press the letter (U)

3. And in the section where all the rules are we look for (symmetric rule)

4. We look for half of our canvas and we place the ruler vertically to help us draw fast.
Note: I recommend this technique to make drawings of characters that are in front, since we draw it on either side of the division of the canvas, it will replicate the same action on the opposite side.
5. To make the drawing we will use the Pencil tool and select an orange color to draw our character.
Note: the thickness of the pencil if I leave them to your choice, but I recommend something thick because we are going to give a fire effect to the lines of the drawing.

6. Thanks to the Symmetric Ruler tool we can advance the illustration in a faster way, if you have any reference to a demon draw it using the same technique.

7. We increased the density and thickness of the Pen tool and highlighted the outline of the illustration and the parts with the greatest impact such as the eyes, fur, antlers, etc. This will already depend on the fire character they draw because not all demons are alike.

8. Duplicate the layer and select the bottom layer.

9. We will give the selected layer a blur effect for which:
to. In the Menu bar we click on (Effect) then click on (Blur) and then another click (Gaussian blur)

b. This is going to display a menu in which we will give an intensity of 140.

10. We continue working on the layer in which we gave the blur, now in the toolbar click on (Color Mixer) and click on (Finger Tip)

11. We will use the tip of the finger as we would in traditional drawing, with this we will give a fire effect to the illustration.
We will repeat this technique throughout the outline of the drawing.

12. We return to the upper layer and we will perform the same technique with the (Finger Point) around the outline of the drawing and on the internal parts we will slightly blur.

The devil must stay this way
13. To make the drawing brighter, we take the pencil tool and decrease its thickness and select a yellow color to proceed to paint the internal lines of the illustration, as well as the elements with the greatest enhancement for the drawing.

14. We create another layer in the middle of the previous two

15. And as a final touch we will give it a little shine with the Airbrush tool and using the same yellow color. We will apply the airbrush around the contour of the drawing and the parts that require the most lighting

In this way we will finish with the illustration, remember that this technique can be used in any illustration that requires an effect of fire, energy, chakra and other some manifestations of energy.



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