Painting black hair for manga.


I made a video tutorial explaining how I paint black hair on my Webtoon "The Violinist and the Nerd". I hope you find my technique useful!

You will find the video in English and Spanish below, watch the one you feel most comfortable with.

Video in ENGLISH.

Video in SPANISH.


These are the tools used in the video:

This is a free alternative to the previous one:

About the artist.

I'm Inma R., a freelance artist from Spain. I've worked on videogames, how to draw manga books, event mascots, etc., and on my free time I like to draw for myself or create tutorials to help other people.

You can find a list of my works and social media on my website.

If you want to read my webtoon "The Violinist and the Nerd" for free, you can check it here in English:

Or here in Spanish:



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