How to quickly pick a line




Change rough color quickly

It is rough. It is colored black, but it is inconvenient to draw lines if left like this.

Then, click the "Layer Color" icon in the layer property like this to change it to blue at once. You can change it to a color other than blue by clicking the paint bucket icon just below the layer color icon.

If you want the roughness to be too dark even after turning it blue, lower the opacity to make it lighter.

Reduce time by using vector layers!

Using a vector layer, it is possible to erase the lines that protrude in this way at once. Now let's take a closer look at how to use it.

Create a vector layer by clicking on the create vector layer icon displayed in the image below the layer window.

If there is a line that protrudes as shown while drawing by creating a vector layer in this way

Select the "vector" eraser in the eraser tool and erase it. One more tip is that if you make the eraser smaller like the gif above, it will reduce the number of lines other than the one you want to erase.

Time saving by using multiple layers!

No matter how much vector layer is used, if there are too many lines, even the overlapped parts can be erased together. Therefore, if you create multiple layers and draw the parts that are deliberately invisible and erase them, you can quickly erase the protruding lines while drawing natural lines.

Since the layer is too stretched to be difficult to handle, it is good to merge the layers by clicking the Combine icon on the lower layer after erasing all the protruding parts.

Lastly, I tend to follow the line by dividing the area into hair, body, and clothes like this.

This is because it is easy to change the color of just the part you want when you start coloring. In the image above, I used the clipping function for the layer below,

You can also change the main color of the control tool by selecting it.




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