Filling textured lineart.


Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share a little trick to fill areas inked with textured lineart.

As you know, the more the lineart is textured, the harder it is for the bucket to fill the whole area, so I came up with this little trick. Below the videos there is a list with the steps and some links of interest.

Video tutorial.

You can watch it in English:

Or watch it in Spanish:

Step summary.

Ink normally on a VECTOR layer using the textured brush of your choice (note that you can't get the same result with all brushes, but most work). The one I'm using in the video is this one:

Once you're done, set up the layer like this:

1. Make the color a grayish dark brown (this step is not mandatory, but it works better).

2. Set the blending mode to Multiply.

3. Mark the lineart layer as refference layer.

The next step is to duplicate that layer and hide one of them. Using the Object tool on the Operation palette, change the brush shape of the lineart to the solid pen registered by default.

Now you can fill the areas easily using this bucket I made:

After you're done filling the areas, hide the current lineart layer and enable the original one again with the textured brush.

Now you have textured lineart with perfectly filled areas!

*If you have trouble following the steps, check them alongside with the video, it's all explained there.



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