The Art of Glowing with Magical Effects




Hello! Today I will show you the process of how to create magical effects for illustration with CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
To do this, we will create flashes, lights and special effects for this project that will look like this:

So let's start with this step by step tutorial with this magical effect that you will love!

Video Tutorial

I want to show you a video tutorial for a better experience

You can activate the subtitles in your language

Hope you like the step-by-step tutorial summary!

1 | Practice

To get started with the illustration, we first started to practice with the necessary resources: the base, the brushes and the blending modes

The base will be the skin of our character, the brushes can be varied for this practice but we will use an Aerosol Spray brush and we will try the blending modes for our red brushstroke to make an effect to the base

We will use the Add (Brightness) and Screen blending mode for our effects

2 | Interior light

To create the interior light around the character, we will create a selection of its body, then in Edition we go to Contour Selection and configure the options to create the automatic lines around the character

3 | Light ray

To create the ray of light, we will use the Ruler tool and create a Bézier Curve

On the layer with the Ruler tool, we start to use the brushes like the brush and spray, on a layer with the Add Brightness blending mode, we create the line on the layer with the Ruler and make the effect around the character's body

4 | Will have

To make the aura effect, we will make some brushstrokes around the character in the background, then with the fingertip tool, we will deform the brushstrokes until we achieve a result as in image n ° 2. Finally, we duplicate the blurred drawings and duplicate its layer and put it in blending mode Add (Brightness)

5 | Beam of light

In a new document, we are going to draw the flash of light with spray brushes on a black background, until we achieve a flash of light in white. Now with a gradient map and making some color adjustments, we will be able to give the flash a warm color.

Now in the illustration, we add the light flare and add the Screen blending mode on the back of the character

6 | Final details

For our final finish, we used the Aerosol and Droplets brush to create an environment, add Gaussian blur and then with Screen blending mode, we created this final piece


And this is the final result of our character shining with magical effects, made with Clip Studio Paint

Thanks for coming and I'm glad you read the tutorial up to here. I hope you have found it useful and practical for your future illustrations


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