Concept Art/illustration using 3D massout





Hi everyone, Today I am going to share how to use 3D massout from Blender for Concept Art/illustration (video games) in Clip Studio Paint

In todays tip I am going to paint one helicopter Concept art /illustration, It could be a splash screen/ loading screen illustration for video game or a vision piece for developing game level

3D in Game, Movies, Manga & Anime

3D is becoming more essential part in the industry, There are many advantages of using 3D.
It could be huge time saver for perspective, Basic Directional lighting & Big, small details etc.

Blender is the most used opensource 3D platform and slowly becoming first choice for 3D Concept Art . You can also used any 3d Program like 3ds Max, Maya, Modo

Also Clip Studio has large amount of 3D assets

Massout / 3D Block in Blender

This is very basic Scene with one main subject which is Helicopter and bunch of walls , Cubes

Camera angle for illustration

Exporting Asset From Blender

Export Entire scene as obj format

Importing Asset In Clip Studio

Import 3D data in CSP

File > Import > 3D Data

3D model Setup in CSP

Simple way to Model setup is click on 3d model one 3D manipulator will appear, With Help of this manipulator we can Move, rotate scale/zoom our model

If you click and drag outer ring of manipulator it will perform zoom operation

Use Tool property [Object] For further finetuning

You can play with light source and shadow settings

Outline width is used for LT line conversion

In this illustration shadow are off because I will lit scene top down factory lighting scenario

Line art Conversion from 3D

There many option for Line art Conversion from 3D according which CSP Version you have (EX/PRO)

Line art Conversion for CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX only

you can utilize LT line conversion CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX


LT line conversion in not available in PRO version so there are different way convert 3D into line art as follows

Option 1

There is cool Auto action plugin for line conversion from 3D
In This tutorial I am using this asset for line art please follow below link for How to install and use this asset

Option 2

Rasterize layer from right clicking on layer

Use Artistic Filter and chose line only

Play with Slider for desire result

In option 1,2 Quality of converted line qulity majorly depends upon quality of model (poly count)

Option 3

If you want specific line art quality for certain kind of illustration you can simply lower down rasterize layer opacity and draw over that

let's start illustration

I am going to paint one Utility helicopter Concept art /illustration

Sci-Fi Lighting

I am going to lit scene top down factory lighting

Block out big shape use soft round brush and sperate form by creating contrast

Little bit hue variation creates vibrant colors also use blending mode like overlay

Finished illustration

This is one of the way to utilize 3D feature in CSP, I am keeping information as simple as possible

I hope this is helpful

Thanks & Have Fun



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