Utilizing the Color Palette



CLIP STUDIO PAINT provides a color palette for the selection of colors. Instructions on how to use the color palette and the color set where frequently used colors can be registered will be introduced here.

[1] Color Palette

CLIP STUDIO PAINT offers 6 different types of color palettes, which are [Color Wheel], [Color Slider], [Color Set], [Approximate Color], [Intermediate Color] and [Color History].

Individual palettes can be displayed using the [Window] menu.

[2] How to use the [Color Wheel] Palette

Click or drag the desired color on the [Color Wheel] palette to select it. Select a hue by using the wheel around it, and select the color with the colored space at the center.

Clicking the icon in the lower right will change the shape of the space in the center.

[3] How to use the [Color Slider] Palette

The [Color Slider] Palette is a palette where each aspect of the drawing color can be adjusted using a slider.

Colors can be chosen from RGB, HSV/HLS and CMYK.


・What is HSV?

It is a color configuration consisting of Hue, Saturation/Chroma and Value/Lightness/Brightness.

Hue is the type of color that is selected as a number between 0 to 360. The values 0 and 360 will become red.

Saturation measures the vividness of the color. As the value of saturation decreases, the color will become more gray and dull. It can be selected between 1% and 100%, and 100% will show the pure color (the color with the highest saturation of that hue) while 0% will make the color gray.

Brightness measures how bright the color is, selected within a range of 0 to 100%.

・What is HLS?

It is a color configuration consisting of Hue, Luminance and Saturation.

As for Luminance, 0% and 100% will show either black or white respectively. The center (50%) will display the pure color (the color with the highest saturation of that hue).

HSV/HLS allows the adjustment of brightness without changing the tone of the color.

Drag individual sliders to set a color.

Colors can also be selected by directly entering numerical values on the right side.

[4] How to use the [Color Set] Palette

The [Color Set] palette is a palette where frequently used colors are registered, allowing to switch to the selected color by clicking it. The Color Set palette not only includes the Color set registered at start, but also allows the creation of your original Color set.

The Color Set palette can be displayed by selecting [Color Set] in the Window menu.

① Display color set …… Clicking this will display a list of registered color sets, and the desired color set can be selected.

② Edit color set …… Color sets can be newly created or deleted.

③ Replace color …… Replace the selected Color tile with another currently selected color.

④ Add color …… Insert the selected color after a selected color tile.

⑤ Delete color …… Delete the selected color tile.

In addition, colors can be replaced, added or deleted by right clicking the Color tile.

The color tile size can be changed through the menu → [How to show].

There are roughly 3 ways to display it, which are [Set size], [Set Step] and [List].

[Set size] and [Set step] appear to be the same, but when using [Set size], changing the palette size of the color set will not affect the tile size. With [Set step], the size of color tile changes according to the palette size, but the number of horizontal tiles are not affected.

The list displays the instructions for the color tile and the color. Naming the color clearly will make the color immediately recognizable when choosing it.

The name of the color can be added or changed by clicking the name.

[5] How to use the [Approximate Color] Palette [PRO/EX]

The [Approximate Color] palette displays colors similar to the selected color.

You can also set which element to refer to, such as hue and saturation.

[6] How to use the [Intermediate Color] Palette [PRO/EX]

The [Intermediate Color] palette is a palette that displays the intermediate color according to colors of the tile allocated in the four corners. Select a color to register for the intermediate color palette, and click the tiles in the four corners to display the intermediate color according to the registered color.

From the top left menu of the palette, the number of divisions of the tiles can be set too.

[7] The [Color History] Palette [PRO/EX]

The [Color History] palette displays the history of the used drawing colors. The newest color will be added from the top left.

Click the section of the color like the [Color Set] palette to select the drawing color left in the history.

The selected drawing colors can be traced back, so colors will be reproduced more accurately than picking up the color using the [Eyedropper] tool.

Set the number of divisions of the tiles, and register the displayed history as a color set in the [Color Set List] of the [Color Set] palette through the top left menu of the palette.



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