Mastering the sub tool details palette: ① Basics




Compatible with Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.0


The tools of CLIP STUIO PAINT can be made into a tool of your choice by adjusting their options.

You can adjust each option of the tool with the [Tool Property] palette and the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.


When using a sub tool in the [Tool Property] palette, only the items that need adjustment are displayed, and the others are not displayed.

Items that are not displayed can be adjusted in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.



Items that are not displayed in the [Tool Property] palette can be displayed by the following procedure. Turning on the “Eye” icon on the left side of each item on the [Sub Tool Detail] palette, will display it on the [Tool Property] palette.


[1] Common operations related to numerical input

① View sub menu

② Drag to adjust the value.

③ Adjust by entering the numerical value directly.

④ Adjust the number one by one up and down.

⑤ View the [Effect source settings] dialog. For settings with this button, you can select “Effect source".

⑥ Click the box to adjust the value.

⑦ View Input box.


■Indicator settings


Click [Indicator Settings] on the submenu to view the [Indicator Setting] dialog box.

If you enter the numerical value of each box and click [OK], the numerical value is reflected in each box of the indicator.


[2] Effect source

Depending on the item, the [Effect Source] can be configured. You can reflect the changes in the effect source to a tool’s set value. The effect source can be configured from the [Effect source settings] dialog.


Items that can be used for the input depend on the tool and the options.


[3] Details of each item

The meaning of each item is displayed on the bottom of the tooltip and palette, when hovering the mouse over that item.


The option items displayed in the sub tool details depend on the tool.



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