How to draw eyes and tips for changing


Hello everyone, my name is Yinghe. In today's tutorial, I will share my skills and ideas for drawing eyes for different characters.

basic shape of the eye

Before that, let's talk a little bit about the basic concepts when drawing eyes.

The first is the outline of the eyes, I'm used to drafting first with a pentagon like this.
Divide the upper lash line into three sections and the lower lash line into two sections.

As for why the pentagon was chosen?

The reason is that if the line is divided into three sections at the beginning, you can think more clearly about the perspective of different angles and show the radian changes of the face.

Of course, after the position and angle are confirmed, we can also combine the line segments into a more rounded arc according to the character's temperament or mood to increase the softness or cuteness of the character.

basic drawing

Next is the way of drawing. For the convenience of understanding, the frontal eyes are used to demonstrate. I'll put a slow GIF of the process first, and then explain each step in a narration.

[1] First, draw the basic shape of the eye socket.

[2] Outline the desired upper and lower lash line and corner of the eye outside the orbit.

[3] Fill in the outlined area.
(Tip: At this time, you can deepen the color at the corner of the eye or the lower edge of the upper lash line to increase the three-dimensional effect of the eyes.)

[4] Draw the position of the eyeballs.

[5] Add the eyelids and the right amount of upper and lower eyelashes.

[6, 7] Adding pupils and highlighting can deepen the color of the lower edge of the pupils when drawing, and the eyes will look more vivid.

[8] Add a shadow to the upper half of the eyeball. At this time, you can leave a little white line between the eyeball and the eyeliner, which can prevent the two from being mixed and difficult to read.

[9] Properly darkening the edges of the shadows can make the eyes look more divine.

[10] Finally, add a little highlight and modify some edges and corners to complete.

So far, this is the basic process I usually use to draw eyes.

way of change

After we can draw the eyes, the next step is to make him change a little and create various eyes that suit the temperament of different characters.

There are three variations I personally use:
■Aspect ratio of eye socket
■The angle of the end of the eye
■The distance and angle between the eyebrows and the eyes

In order to better show the difference of each change, I will use frontal symmetrical eyes to demonstrate.

■The aspect ratio of the eye socket.

By adjusting the aspect ratio of the basic shape, make the eyes look more rounded or slender as a whole, thereby making the character look more cute or mature.

Usually cute, lively, and young characters tend to use rounder eyes; mature, handsome, and older characters tend to use more slender eyes. Of course, these are not certain, you can also choose the opposite design with other settings to create a sense of contrast for the characters.

It should be noted that when drawing, the distance between the eyes is the length of one eye, so the distance between the eyes will change with different eye shapes. Personal habits will make the eyeballs move slightly closer to the middle when it looks reasonable, and the eyes will look more concentrated.

■The angle of the end of the eye

Moving the corner of the eye slightly down or up, using the head of the eye as a reference point, also makes a big difference to the look, making the character look soft or sharp.

Usually mild, relaxed or more apathetic, cowardly characters will use downcast eyes; confident, strong or seductive, sinister characters will use raised tails.

The angle of the eyebrows and the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes

Finally, the eyebrows are the most important part of the face to express emotions. If used well, the characters can be more vivid. In order to better see the effect, the following are all demonstrations using the same eyes.

The first is the angle of the eyebrows. When the eyebrow tails on both sides are raised upwards, the characters will look energetic, which is suitable for expressing emotions such as happiness and excitement; on the contrary, if the eyebrow tails on both sides are drooping, it will appear less energetic, which is suitable for expressing the feeling of fatigue, powerlessness and confusion. .

In addition to the brow tail, the brow is also a part that can be used. After the brow is wrinkled, the upward or downward brow tail will look different.

For example, after the brows are wrinkled, the drooping eyebrows make the color look more sad, suitable for use in sadness, depression, and crying; Or when you want to show momentum.

Another important point is the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes. Although it looks inconspicuous, the distance is actually part of the emotional expression.

The eyebrow angle and shape are the same in the three sample images, but the expression with the eyebrows raised looks more relaxed than the original, while the expression with the eyebrows lowered looks more focused and tight.

The wider distance is suitable for matching emotions such as happiness, excitement, surprise, etc., or children, girls and other characters will look more kind and innocent. The closer distance is suitable for emotions such as anger, sadness, and seriousness, or it will look more aura when used on characters such as adults and mature men.

At this time, it will be more effective to match the emotions originally expressed by the eyebrows. For example, when you need to express anger, in addition to frowning the brows and raising the tail of the eyebrows, the eyebrows themselves are slightly closer to the eyes, and the character will look more. Anger, but also more momentum.

After mastering the above three points, it is easier to create characters with different characteristics through various permutations and combinations!


The last thing I want to say is that these are the experiences I have accumulated during my own creation and the skills that are common to most situations, not certain.

Just like there are many people with different personalities in the world, everyone has their own way of expression, even if it is happy, not everyone can express it with a smile. So standing in the character's position and emotions, and thinking about how to express and show his characteristics, this is the most important.

The sharing ends here, thank you to everyone who is willing to see it here. If you have any ideas, or want to see other sharing (such as the coloring process of eyes, etc.), please leave a message below.

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