Introducing how to draw a cityscape using two-point perspective


Hello! everyone
How were you
I'm doing my best to make painting work 😊 It's quite difficult, though 😅

Now, this time, I will explain in some places how to draw the cityscape using two-point perspective.
It's a long video, but you can see what you're doing just by looking at it.

As I said in the video, I think that it will be easier to draw the knack of drawing a building if you keep in mind that you draw all in a quadrangle.

"Then, how do you draw a round building?"
It's the same thing, first draw a rectangle, then turn off the perspective feature and fix it freehand. I do that.

Please have a look if you like.

* When viewing, you can understand more deeply by setting "Automatic translation" to your native language.

Thank you for watching until the end.

I have posted a drawing video on YouTube for many years.
How to draw a building using perspective like this time, and how to draw a car.
I also posted a video of how to draw a portrait, so I would be grateful if you could visit the channel from the link below.

Thank you very much.
See you again 😊



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