How to Draw Different Generation Characters?




It is very common that while we are drawing we end up drawing characters of different ages that look very similar, and it ends up being difficult to determine the age of each character. In this tutorial I'm going to share some tips I keep in mind when drawing characters of different ages to establish a clearly visible difference between them.

I will draw the bust of three characters, a 9-year-old, a 25-year-old, and a 70-year-old.

Basic Shapes

First I want you to think of each one as a form. For the child I want you to think of a circle, for the adult I want you to keep in mind something like a rounded rectangle, and for the elderly a rounded square.

Child (8 years old)

For the child, You will draw big eyes, a small nose next to the eyes, and a mouth without lips. For me, lips in characters can refer to lipstick, I prefer to leave this feature for teenagers and adults. Always keep in mind the round shape, and make the eyebrows more rounded, the same goes for the ears.

Adult (25 years old)

For the adult I will draw the eyes and nose with a more common proportion, now the eyebrows will have more squared details, and the mouth's upper and lower lips. While the child had the chin form very close to a circle in the adult I bring a more rectangular shape to the chin, the same goes for the ears which now also have a shape that refers more to the rounded rectangle.

Elderly (75 years old)

When we get older we lose a little height. The elderly character's face is based on a square with rounded edges as if the rounded rectangle had lost height as it aged and had become a square.

You will see that several parts of the face will appear to have “lost height”. The eyes become thinner and the bags around them more prominent. Eyebrows are also thinner. The nose and ears are exceptions, those that are made up of cartilage tend to get bigger over the years, so I'm going to draw the nose and ears of the elderly Character bigger than the adult. The mouth is also thinner in the elderly. And of course one of the most apparent changes in the face of the elderly is the skin, so it's cool to draw several wrinkles, like around the mouth next to the eyes, on the forehead, and between the eyebrows.


For the colors don't forget a person in their 50s who don't dye their hair tends to have dark gray hair streaked with white. Now a character in his 70s or older, like the one we're drawing, you can make his hair completely white or very light gray.

I really hope this tutorial can help you draw characters of different ages!

Thanks for reading!
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