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Hello, I have finished tracing my grid with small squares of 1 cm in A4 format. I will show you by screenshots below of certain parameters to be carried out and checks for errors on the tracing.

On the screenshot above I have three small lines located to the left of my lines, two of which are on the left line and one on the right line. What tool do you think I'm going to use to erase the small lines?

I keep the same tool and I just change the color which is white. Why white? because it's quite simply the color of my paper because I don't erase! I only mask the small lines in white by passing over the small ones either with the mouse or the stylus.

Example :
I have a Cyan color paper, (screenshot below)

I draw my safety line in Bright Vermilion (screenshot below)

I ask you to take a good look at the level of the horizontal line.
Questions :
- What is the good start of the horizontal line, the one above or the one below?
- What is the solution to make the bad trait disappear?

I have finished tracing the outline of the safe area screenshot below. I would go back to the example in Cyan color for drawing the vertical lines from top to bottom and horizontal from left to right inside the safe zone if you wish.

I abandoned this layer I deleted it I moved to another one with new settings and a new workspace.

Hello, on the capture below I have my workspace which no longer has the same layout,

no need to call support you can shift the vertical bar from left to right, see below

You click on the three small horizontal lines a box opens you look for [Change order you click on it a small box appears you click on [drag (D)] with your mouse and you place it in a practical place easy to manipulate



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