4. Drawing a steak ‐ Broad details




[1] Layers for broader details

I created a new “Details” layer above each of the layers containing the base colors.

Selecting the “Details” layer, I used [Clip at Layer Below] from the [Layer] palette’s command bar. This way, newly painted colors would not extend beyond the base color layer.


[2] Drawing broader details

To draw these kinds of details, I used only the [Brush] tool → [Watercolor] → [Running color edge watercolor].

From the color palette I placed at the top of the canvas, I selected each color with the [Eyedropper] tool and drew the broader details.


These broader details are drawn in preparation for refining the painting at a later stage.

To avoid confusion when drawing finer details later, I tried to firmly establish the position of them at this stage.


However, if you draw too many details, it is usually difficult to balance the whole image. The amount of detail as shown in the work in progress below could be a rough guide for this.


While establishing the position of the details, I also paid attention to the saturation and brightness of the image in accordance with the color scheme.

Once the base color scheme is done, I kept drawing while picking up the surrounding colors with the [Eyedropper] tool, for better efficiency.


When roughly the same amount of detail is applied to the overall drawing, the base details are done.



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