2. Line Art



[1] Inking

In this part, I’ll show you how I inked and stippled by hand.

I used gel ink ball pens in 0.3 mm and 0.25 mm to ink over my rough sketch.

I used the 0.3 mm pen for the main lines, and the 0.25 mm pen for details.

In this stage, I added the details that were only roughly sketched at the pencil stage.

So that the painting stage goes smoothly, I took care to draw smooth, unbroken lines.

[2] Eraser

After I finished inking and the ink was completely dry, I erased the sketch.

Any parts that I miss will end up being loaded as lines when I scan the paper, so I took my time to erase all the pencil carefully.

[3] Stippling

The illustration looks a little plain just with the lines, so I drew some stippling to add depth and nuance to the piece.

I didn’t draw the stippling evenly, but mainly added it close to the lines and in the corners to add nuance simply and quickly.

I really enjoy this process, so I added the stippling without thinking about it.

At this stage, I also added some parts that I thought were lacking, and corrected some lines.

Once I’ve finished the stippling, the line art is finished.

In the next part, I’ll show you how I scanned the line art and extracted the lines.



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