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Rich sweets

As a lover of Japanese stylization, making sweets based solely on a real reference is not enough. It does not express the tender beauty, exaggeration and Kawaii that the world of Japanese stylization does show.

Anime & Manga!


Even to make sweets digitally, prior preparation is very important.

Before sweetening our view, I leave you the tools to do it just like the images shown.


Kitchen utensils (Tools)

For these preparations, I will share all the tools I use and I will leave the link to each one, they are the default tools of Clip Studio Paint.

If you have modified CSP as much as I have, some tools may have been lost or deleted by chance tehee.

Flat Marker has a small modification, just change the direction to vertical to make sketches

I invite you to explore these tools, they will help you a lot, remember to read carefully

Recipe (Key Notes)

How to achieve these sweet drawings is simple and is observing the expressions of the chibi or (SD- super deformation).

The previous drawing is an example without going too far to search, because the chibis(SD) due to their

1. Object simplification

2. Details for tender expressions

3. Exaggerations and deformations

With these 3 notes we will start drawing!

Preparation (Sketch & Recommendations)

To easily create these delights, one or more visual references of both the sweet and the stylization are enough. Even the sweets presented here will give you a good guide.


I chose these sweets because I was provoked by them while I was drawing 😋

| Delicious Chocolate Cake with a Salty Cookie

| Croissant filled with chantilly cream

| The legendary classic vanilla cream ice cream cone

| Lulo yogurt cream [naranjilla] with pieces of lulo

| Bread and Nutella spread with pieces of fruit

& Kumis cream ice cream with chocolate cookie


In addition to this I have some additional tips to help you make the drawing look very sweet

The first is to be guided by a Cube or a plane, and a silhouette within it.

If you have little practice with perspective and cubes, I recommend this material to guide you

I recommend that the face of the volume is not facing the view, as it lacks movement and gives it a lot of rigidity (or it could also be said, it avoids the drawing with a vanishing point)

and lastly, do a lot of detail or have a lot of Zoom, since it is easy to forget the first note [Simplification of objects]

Now that we have the sketch ready we will move on to the lineart

Cleaning (Lineart)

Important kitchen step hehehehehe.

I leave you a super summary of how to make good linearts!

The exterior is wider than the interior,

the interior with thin lines

and finally the wider occlusion lines

With the lineart ready we will go to the color

I will attach the file with the sketch so you can practice all the steps when I finish publishing the video!

Presentation (Color)

Before the base color we are going to establish the painting areas, we will use the Auto selection tools and mark as reference the lineart layer

1. Mark the [Lineart] layer as Reference Layer

2. Auto selection with Reference Layer option

3. Create new layer, and Select the outside, [remember to do it from another layer, because it does not work on the same reference layer]

With this tip you will be able to see the layers and their content much better, I recommend Grande

We also make a separation of the front and back layer for the elegant plate of Delicious Chocolate Cake with a Salted Cookie

We refined a little more to express the transparency of the glass of the Lulo Yogurt Cream [naranjilla] with Lulo Pieces and the Kumis Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie

Base Colors

The base colors without much saturation, remember to block the transparency so as not to leave the already made color area.

They already look very rich, right!

In the same way, the notes of the recipe are key to the color, because in this case I have two examples based on cel shading.

Cel Shading & Lighting

To make the stylization look softer and sweeter (even 2D-flat) the contrast of the shadows is reduced, this is very common with chibi drawings (SD)

There are many examples of these contrasts, however you can analyze them with the color wheel and the [eyedropper]

I invite you to analyze your references with these tips and discover more recipes to make sweets!!!

Use the tones separately

Shadow - Shadow

Halftone - Halftone

In darken mode so you have control and correct them at any time

Color Dressings

These three additional notes will give coherence to your color

1| Change value that does not exceed more than 10 points [value] for the most part, be flexible with the expression of the chocolate because it has high contrast.

We always make these comparisons with the base color.

2| The shadow must be cooled by moving the color (hue) to the left to also give a sensation of shadow without changing the value much

3| I recommend shadow and saturation less than 15 points of the base color

I share the order of the layers to guide you, remember to use the Darken combination mode to avoid going over the darkest area

For the expression of the glass, if you look closely it is very simple

dark outline and a white light that you blur with the soft eraser or the transparent airbrush

Add some subtle textures for Delicious Chocolate Cake with a Salty Cookie

& Croissant filled with chantilly cream

Recipe summary (time span)

Lights, textures and you will be ready to delight!

Enjoy! (Final score)

Your provocation made, the healthy sweet made by your hands!

I hope to see your delicious and crazy creations!

Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy making candy as much as I do.

Here are the gifts!

It is a file to practice lineart and also to practice the steps in this video.



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