Super personal! Recommended books, sites, and practice methods for each stage




A summary of what I did and why it was meaningful.

The balance of the person! I can't take it! ! ! stage of

[Site] Hitokaku


This is a site that teaches you the basics of the human form in a very gentle way.

If there is something you don't understand here, it will be even better if you dig deeper and find out.

I can't draw people seen from various directions! ! stage of

[Site] Pomani 30 seconds drawing

Posemaniacs 30 seconds drawing

How to draw one pose in 30 seconds

Hands gradually get used to drawing

Also, weird stereotypes? I feel like it's getting weaker

[Other] See lots of photos with people in them

It's really important to look at things, don't just look at them, observe them, imitate them, and draw.

[Crysta] Try spinning the camera of Crysta's 3D model

Please note that if you use the 3D model as is, there is a high possibility that things will go wrong, so it is better to study the basics of the human body first!

What's the eye level? ? ! ? ! ? ! I don't understand the perspective! ! ! ! ! I don't understand the background! ! ! stage of

I think the reason why things start to go wrong even though I've gotten used to drawing to a certain extent is mostly due to ``depth compression''.

The spacing between the trees in the upper right corner of the image below is strange, but if you don't think it's strange, that's what it is.

Eye level is the "height" at which you are looking at what is displayed on the screen

If you add angles like `tilt'' and `fukan'' to that, it will give the screen more movement and power.

But it's difficult to draw such a picture without failure if you don't know the logic at all!

So first, absorb the logic!

Getting the standard makes it much easier to draw Zoe!

If you don't want to spend money ><, Yoshida Seiji has been researching this for a long time on Twitter, so you should take a look.

But if you don't understand anything, you'll probably be confused, so save up some of your pocket money and buy one of the books below.

[Book] Seiji Yoshida collection of works & thorough perspective techniques

Seiji Yoshida collection of works & thorough perspective techniques

Sorry for the rough copy, I didn't know if it was okay to bring the image, but this is the cover of the book.

Please read it.

** "Why do you have to decide the eye level?" ** and "How do you decide it?" are all written there.

By the way, the only reason to decide the eye level is because it's easier to decide... It's like having a scale on a map, and once you decide how many centimeters from here to here is, it becomes easier to draw other things as a guide.

For more details, please read the book above, it's probably easier to understand than if I explained it.



I don't know how to choose colors! ! ! stage of

The color is seriously difficult

To be honest, there is no correct answer!

There are things that are close to reality, but you can paint the skin blue or the inside of the mouth green, and I think you can paint it any color you like.

(The picture above is part of something that seems to have some kind of logic)

That's my personality and I like that! There are some people.

But if you want to go viral! Get a lot of sympathy! Be ecstatic to be seen! then read a book! Everything is compiled in a book!!! But be careful not to end up thinking that you understand everything after reading one book... The best thing is to read a variety of books (you could also look for a book that suits you at the library)

↓ is the one that made me think YOKATTA

[Book] Light and color tutorial

Light and color tutorial

I want to learn from the basics of color...! For people who

Why is that so? Since it is summarized, it is useful when you want to know the logic.

Why is the sky blue? It will also solve your problems!



For people who have a certain level of understanding and want to go one step further overall.

This book also serves as an idea source, it's colorful and fun just looking at it 🌸

Why does it look like that when I apply a slight layer of red light when drawing skin? I have also answered things like



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