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By using a selection layer, you can save a created selection area.

Since complex selection areas can be saved, it is easy to manipulate things later.

In this and the following lesson, we will introduce the selection layer, which is a very convenient feature in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

[1] What is a selection layer?

A selection layer is a layer that saves a selection area.

Multiple selection areas can be saved as well.

Revert and reselect the saved selection area at any time you need it.

This plays a big role in scenes where the same selection is created many times.

[2] Stocking the selection area

Create a selection area to stock.

(1) Use the [Rectangle] marquee tool to create a selection.

* Even if you make a selection using tools other than the [Rectangle] tool or [Selection] menu → [Select Color Gamut], the following operations will be the same.

(2) Choose [Selection] → [Convert to Selection Layer].

This turns the selection area green and creates a selection layer in the layer palette.


Selection layers are only saved when a file is saved in the CLIP STUDIO format (extension: .clip).

When saved as the Photoshop format (extension: .psb or psd), it is saved as an alpha channel. Other image formats will not preserve this type of layer and it will not be displayed in the exported image.

Also, the selection layer will not be printed.

[3] Reverting the selected area

Revert the stocked selection area.

(1) Display the selection layer to stock or select the layer.

(2) Select the [Selection] menu → [Convert Selection Layer to Selection].

This reverts the stocked selection area.

・When there are multiple selection layers

So, what happens if there are multiple selection layers?

Selecting [Convert Selection Layer to Selection] from the [Selection] menu.......

Reverts the selection area from the selection layer.

Selecting a layer other than the selection layer.......

Reverts the selection area from all the selection layers.

When a hidden selection layer exists in this case......

Only reverts the selection area from the displayed selection layer.

However, there are many steps involved in this method, such as displaying and hiding the selection layer, and choosing from the menu.

In that case, revert the selection area from the [Layer] palette!

・Revert the selection area from an arbitrary selection layer with ease.

Select the selection layer to revert, and click the selection layer icon, or double click the thumbnail of the selection layer.

It does not matter whether the selection area is displayed or hidden.

The selection area has been reverted.

In addition, to reverting selection areas from other additional selection layers...

Double click the layer icon, thumbnail while pressing the [Shift] key.

It reverts the selection area in addition to the previous selection area.

There are many other things you can do.

To remove the part drawn on the selection layer from the existing selection area...

Double click the layer icon, thumbnail while pressing the [Alt] key.

This removes the part of the selection area drawn on the selection layer.

To set the overlapping drawing parts of the selection area and selection layer as the overall selection area, double click the layer icon and thumbnail while pressing the [Shift] key and [Alt] key.

Only the overlapping drawing parts of the selection area and the selection layer become the selection area.


Moreover, you can create/add selection areas from multiple, specific selection layers at once.

Select multiple selection areas.

The layers have to be visible.

Select the [Layer] menu → [Selection from Layer] → [Create Selection].

This creates a selection based only on the chosen selection layer.

Under [Selection from Layer], you can also add and delete the selection area or select from another selection area.

* [Selection from Layer] can be executed on layers other than the selection layer.

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