How to draw Steampunk themed objects with Clip Studio Paint




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Today I will explain some of my tips for drawing steampunk themed objects in an easy way even though we don't really understand the concept of machines.


The theme this time is, Easy method: use the materials in Clip Studio Paint to draw steampunk themed objects


Here I used 3D objects provided by Clip Studio Paint, as well as some that I downloaded from Clip Studio Assets


Then I also used steampunk themed material that I had downloaded, so that later it would be easier for us to add details to the objects.

I use this brush to give a textured lineart


1. Prepare a concept

First determine what object we want to draw.

Here I have selected two objects: Violin and Radio

Here, we will make a sketch to mark the position of the gear/meters

this way we won't be too confused in placing the gears/meters

then I also marked several parts of the shape that I wanted to change, also marked the location of the connecting pipes

Now that we have determined the placement, we can move to the next stage

2. Develop the design

Here we will use the steampunk material/assets that we have

Drag the material you want to use

Then adjust it to the place we previously positioned

Once finished, here I will outline the outside of the gears/meters, but not all the parts

3. Lineart

Now we will add the lineart, this can be done in two ways: manually or using the feature in clip studio paint

1) Manually

Here, I use the brush that I shared previously

2) Artistic filters

The easy way and also saves time is with the Clip Studio Paint feature

On the 3D layer, right click the mouse and select rasterize

then after that go to filter>effect>artistic

Then change the process(M) section to >lines only

Set the line thickness as desired

Also don't forget to set the opacity of the lines >100

Then click ok

Clean the parts you don't want to use, also draw some parts you want to change


4. Convert brightness to transparency

because the material we use still has a white background, what we need to do is go to

edit> convert brightness to transparency

5. Details

Because the material we use is 2d, here we will add space to make it look 3d

Once finished, the details we have now seem to have space

I also provide other details in the form of pipes/cables/bolts. In the steampunk material that I previously shared, there is a bolt brush


(for the bolt brush, you can also use convert brightness to transparency because the brush has a white background)

6. Finishing

In the finishing part, I used the Pencil brush available in Clip Studio Paint. which I use to shade objects in this theme, especially the shadows

This is the final result after I shaded it with a pencil brush

and this is the result after I applied the base color


1. Prepare the object

2. Determine the location of the gears/meters/other decorations

3. Place the gear material/etc in the previously determined place

4. Draw the lineart

5. Give space to the gears/meters/etc so that it looks 3D

6. Additional details in the form of cables and bolts really support this theme

7. Give a shading effect to the object (I use pencil shading)

8. finish


So those are some things about how to draw steampunk objects. there are still many things I'm missing but I hope this can be useful. Also I want to apologize because I'm not very good at explaining in English.


But, I hope this page can be useful for readers, thank you for visiting!

Please ask me if there is something you still don't understand.


Thank you so much, and have a nice day! 🌼



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