How to draw eyes anime watercolor digital art CSP




Hello! In this tutorial I will tell you how to draw beautiful eyes in Clip Studio Paint using watercolor brushes. The watercolor painting style allows you to relax and add depth to the colors.

See the whole drawing process here:

1. Sketch

Let’s start from simple sketch. First create new project by clicking File -> New, customize settings and tap OK. Than find ruler and Symmetrical ruler. Change Number of lines to 2 and create ruler, then draw a sketch.

Of course, there will come a time when the ruler needs to be removed, and here's how to do it:

2. Perfect lines

Now reduce the transparency of “sloppy line art” and draw perfect lines. I use Rough wash Watercolor brush.

3. Skin

Find Soft bleed brush and carefully paint the background (skin), adding a little shadows. Dont need even to change color, Watercolor settings of the brush has Multiply mode.

4. Eyelashes and eyebrows

Choose Rough Watercolor brush for drawing eyebrows and eyelashes.

5. Eyeball

Tap Watery brush to make eyeball little lighter. I use the same brush for drawing white highlight on the eye.

6. Pupils

With Soft bleed brush draw pupils of the eyes.

Rough Watercolor brush will help you to make more sharply details.

7. A little reflection of light

8. Multiply for more color depth

Duplicate layer and turn it mode to Multiply. Then with the Soft brush erase that needlessly.

9. Details

Add more details, refresh the light with Watery brush and draw blush with Soft brush.

Let's make the texture of the eye more interesting:

10. Add Glow light

Create new layer with Add Glow mode and draw some light:

Great, we did it! Watercolor sweetie eyes are done.

I wish you most powerful inspiration for your own art!

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Thank you ❤️



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