【Watercolor Style】How to Draw Easily-Illustrations in Watercolor Style-Camellia and Perfume




Hello~Hello everyone

The theme this time is to demonstrate the watercolor style

I made it into a time-lapse video

Welcome to take a look

How to create a watercolor style camellia and perfume

I myself often use watercolor brushes to color

I feel that csp’s watercolor brushes have the effect of simulating real watercolor strokes.

Numerical settings to match the paper texture

The painting effects are very hand-painted.

It’s a tool pen that I personally like very much.

Except for coloring

I'll also start with a few of my favorite watercolor brushes

Draw a gradient or a dye-diffusion effect

Made into material

Treat it like a material sticker

Stick it where you want shadows or shading to appear

Very convenient


Here is a brief explanation of the painting process:

I believe you all know how to take photos with your mobile phone.

I am no exception

Mobile phone is easy to carry

You can take pictures wherever you go

See beautiful flowers and plants

You can record it immediately with your mobile phone and take it away with you

These photos of camellias

This is what I discovered when I went to the park

You can also apply it to paintings


Copy and paste it on a blank screen

Apply csp

【Transformation Tool】Resize

[Grid deformation] Adjust the shape of the flower to be richer and fuller

[Symmetry Ruler] Two-point symmetry tool helps us easily draw the perfume bottle from the front angle

I choose a few realistic watercolor brushes

Adjust the brush to the largest size

Then use a light tap of the brush

Click on circular strokes of different sizes on the screen

Then create it into [Registration Material] > [Image]

Save it in my own image library

Can be reused in the future


We can use the prepared watercolor brushstroke material

The same principle as using halftone paper

Put it where we want the effect to appear


[Magic Wand] Select

>【Eraser】Clear unnecessary areas

Or you can use [Select] and then delete.

Let's help all the camellias first

Paste a layer of watercolor material background with gradient changes

Then on another layer

Draw the shadow of the camellia

Here I use

>【Dip Pen】Draw the shadows and wrinkles on all petals

Go back and choose homemade materials in the watercolor style


Use the layer function

[Selection range based on layer] > [Create selection range]

You can paste the material into the shadow position

Perfume bottles are also made using the above steps



First use watercolor pens to make materials

Then use it as a material sticker to use in the shadow

Or anywhere we want to have a watercolor texture

It’s a very convenient technique to use~


Your likes and support are the biggest motivation for my progress

If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate!





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