Create Magical Scenery for Beginners




Get The Idea

How can you get the idea for your landscape Illustration? You can use reference from real life, but I think something differently. If you want to make a magical like landscape illustration you have to close your eyes and imagine the landscape, then draw your imagination on blank canvas as basic shapes like I have done here

Rule Of Third

Rule of third is a composition technique use to organize our object or subjects at these 4 intersection points or near the intersection of points

Pro Tip: Use 2/3rd of composition and leave the other for other things like I have does this on above basic shapes blocking

Line art

Use thin line and draw outlines of your basic shapes


Avoid too many line arts, start detailing your ideas to get a real looking illustration. I use these brushes to color and detailing my basic shapes

  • GouacheBrush

  • DryGouacheBrush

  • ThinGouache

  • OilPaintingBrush

     + DefaultDecoratingBrushofCSP(grass,leaves,cloudsetc.)

Pro Tip: Use references of trees, grass, rocks etc. if you don’t know how these are made

This will take time to do detailing, but hard work pays off ^_^

Think In 3D

While doing illustrations always think in 3D to get depth in your drawing, this could help you to do stunning illustrations. I arrange my foreground, midground and background in different layers so I don’t mess up on my whole illustration

Color Story

After finishing my art, it looks like this, but I want to make different types of moods for my landscape art but how I can do this? Here comes the color story. Colors can change moods and can tell different Storys.


Before heading to the color story let me explain about what values do in illustrations.

Value: this how light or dark your colors are, this will help you to arrange your FG, MG and BG in distance, means you can make depths and can create distance between objects.

Make near object light and distant object darker according to how far they are present.

Use blur tool to keep focus on your main object so viewers eye won’t distract.


So now let’s back to our color story topic. You don’t have to change color by hue saturation option, Clip Studio Paint have made easy this work by color match option. Simply go to [Edit]> [Tonal Correction(D)]> [Color Match]

select any pattern you like here, and you can adjust its intensity. You can upload other images for color match here by clicking on that little file icon

Final Result

So, these are my final arts, and these two-landscape art is made with color match effect. You can see how color changes the story of my landscape art. You can also use this Methodes to make different moods in your landscape art.

These are my few methods for creating a landscape.

Mixing these tips with your own technique and style you can make a unique art.


Like and leave your opinion in comment.


Thank you!



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