How to draw clothes




Introduction :

In this article , i will give tips for drawing and coloring clothes ( shading , lighting ) , and they suits the characters’s personality .

Character Personality :

It is preferable for the clothes to fit the character’s personality because the clothes reflect the personality , For example , if character is sensitive or gentle , it will wear cute clothes . If the character is strong or sharp , it will wear cool clothes .

Drawing skirts :

There are several styles for drawing skirts , and here are some of them .



Drawing Clothes :

When drawing clothes , they must suit the season , whether it is summer , winter , spring , or fall . Each season has specific clothes that suit the weather .

Coloring Clothes ( shadow , light ) :

Shadow and light areas must be identified .

As shown in this picture :

Drawing and coloring

Shading and lighting

This the end of this article , I hope it was useful .



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