How to do Twitch Emotes - Process and Export




Here's how I do twitch emotes.

All Emotes in the Picture above, are made by me, pls dont copy them :(

Create File

1. To create a new file, press on the little paper icon.
2. Make sure, that the width and height are the same number, so the file you create is in square shape.
3. The resolution shouldnt be too high for an emote. I prefer 600 dpi.
4. I set the paper colour to white, you can chose the color you want, but be aware that your emote wont have a background normally.
5. If you're happy, press OK! :)


Sketch your emote!
Normally I'm using a pencil in brush size 15, using a red color.


For your lineart, create a new layer.

I'm using a brush, which I bought from Flyland Designs. No promotion, it's just my favourite brush! I create my lineart using size 17 for the thinner lines and size 20-25 for the thicker lines.

If you are not sure, which pen is the right one for you, just try and repeat. It takes a little bit time, to find your favorite supplies! :)

After you created your outlines you can either delete the sketch layer or make it invisible by clicking on the little "eye" beside the sketch layer.
It's invisible if you can't see the "eye"!

For the spit outline I created a new layer and used a thinner brush size and a bluish color for it.


For coloring, I create a new layer for every area.

I start coloring by using a reference photo to copy the colors with the pipette.
You can either use to bucket to fill in the area or use your brush to paint it in. I prefer to paint, because it is kinda relaxing for me.

New layer for hair and beard!

New layer for eyes and mouth.

New layer for the spit.

Shadow and Light

For the shadows create a new layer and set it to "Multiply".

Now use the color of the area, that you want to draw the shadows and light in. For example the skin.
Now just darken the areas you want the shadows to be.

For the light, create a new layer and set it to "Screen".

Now you simply do the same, as you did with the shadows, just for the light areas you want to create.

Now do the same with shadow and light for all the different layers you create before. Make sure to create a new layer for every area and shadow and light.

If you are done with shadow and light, create a new layer and draw in some shiney effects on the eyes.

Save and export your Emote

Make sure you make the layer with the paper invisible before saving your file. Its invisible if there is NO "eye"!

To save your File, click on "File" and then "save as..."

I saved my file twice.
One Original Clip Studio Paint File and one PNG File.

Make sure to save it as CSP too, because otherwise you can't edit the different layers after saving it a s a PNG.

Make sure, that you are now using your saved PNG file!

Twitch Emotes have to be in different sizes. 112x112 px, 56x56 px and 28x28 px.
To get your emote in these different shapes, click on "File" and then "Export (Single Layer)".

Mark "Specify output size", so you can type in the size you need. In the example I resized my Emote to 112 px. Make sure it's the same number for width and height.

Press OK, if you're finished.

You can now select the folder, name and type of your emote. I simply name them like the original and just put the size behind it.

If you checked the box "Preview rendering result on output" you will now get to this window, where you can see, what your Emote looks like in it's resize.

These are now my final saved files.

If you want to see, what your Emote will look like on twitch, go to

Here you can put in your Emote (take the original sized PNG File!) and see what it looks like!

Upload to Twitch

Open your Creator Dashboard on Twitch.

Click on the three lines next to "Stream Manager".

Go to "Preferences" and then "Affiliate".

Click on "Emotes".

Now put in your saved files and give it a name.

Now you just need to wait, for twitch, to approve your Emotes.

Congrats! You're done! :)

If you wish to upload the Emote to your Discord Server, make sure to take the Original PNG File! :)

I hope my little Tutorial was helpful! :) Have a nice day!



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