Mastering the Fill tool





Use the [Fill] tool to paint in different colors for an illustration or to fill in tone for manga. Here are three useful features of Clip Studio Paint's Fill tool to help you quickly and accurately fill in large or complex areas.


Features of the [Fill] tool             

■ [Close gap] for [Tool Property]


Even if the gap between lines is wide, using the [Close gap] feature will allow you to fill in the area as if the lines were connected.

If it does not work, like in the reference image below, increase the value of the [Close gap] option.




■ [Area scaling] in [Tool Property]


If you fill within an anti-aliased line (a line that includes greyscale or mid-tones), you may not be able to fill in the partially transparent areas close to the line, leaving some points unfilled. By adjusting [Area scaling] value, those issues can be resolved.




■ [Close and fill] sub tool


This function fills in any enclosed areas. It comes in handy when you want to fill in complex shapes with internal lines.

*All of the above examples of filled in areas are located on a different layer from where the linework is drawn.


Note: You can paint all at once by dragging.

You can fill in areas divided by lines all at at once by dragging.


For details on how to use the [Fill] tool, please refer to this article.



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