2. Rough Draft



I chose Alice in Wonderland as the theme for this illustration.

I decided to create an illustration that captures Alice's daydreaming and the dreamlike atmosphere of Wonderland.

First of all, I draw while thinking about the approximate position of the character and the setting of the picture.

I’ve roughly decided the composition, so I add an [Overlay] layer in blue over the line art folder.

I’ll decide the color scheme.

I want to make a picture with a strong feeling of being in Alice's dream world, so I choose colors that will make the illustration look vibrant.

To make the colors blend in with the color of the lines, I set the blending mode of this layer to [Multiply].

From the color set I registered earlier, I choose bright, saturated colors.

I add a new layer set to [Screen] and refine my draft by deepening the colors and emphasizing the airy feeling.

I draw some more details on Alice and Humpty-Dumpty.

Next I’ll slightly adjust the positions of Alice and the Cheshire Cat, and draw in some more details.

I move all the layers into a layer folder, then drag the folder onto the [New Raster Layer] icon on the layer palette to duplicate it.

I right-click the duplicated folder and select [Combine Selected] to merge the folder into a single layer.

On this layer, I make some adjustments and add extra details.

For now I’ve finished my rough draft.



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