3. Line Art




[1] Drawing the line art

I move all of my draft layers into a folder and make a new white fill layer above that, set to 50% opacity.





I will use my [Custom Watercolor Brush].


I draw the whole body with a small brush (6 pixels). The brush is quite thin.


Once I’ve finished drawing the lines, I create a new folder and mask it following the lines.

The reason I mask the folder rather than the layer here is because it will be easier at the painting stage when I want to move the line art layers to the top of the folder later and have painting layers underneath.

Then at the final stages, I can add further effect layers and detail layers above the line art. By applying the mask to the whole folder, I don’t need to spend the time making clipping masks for every paint layer. (This is especially useful when there are a lot of characters or items in the illustration.)


① I prepare a white fill layer and move it to the folder with the line art for Alice.


② I select the Alice line art layer with the [Auto select] tool to create a selection area of the area outside the line art.


③ In the [Tool Property] palette, I change the creation method to [Select additionally] and add the spaces between the arm and the body, as well as gaps in the hair.


④ Once I’ve finished selecting the area, I open the [Selection] menu and use [Invert selected area].


⑤ While selecting the folder, I click the “Create layer mask” icon.


<White Rabbit>

I draw with a slightly smaller brush than I used for Alice.


<Humpty Dumpty>

I draw with a slightly larger brush than I used for Alice.


<Cheshire Cat>

I try to make his facial expression look a bit unnerving and sly. The line thickness is about the same as Alice.


<Playing Cards>

I draw the playing cards scattered in the air.

I just draw the outlines at the line art stage, and leave the pattern. I will paint them later.


<Other Small Objects>

I draw the March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Dormouse on the top of a mushroom. These lines are thinner, at about 4 or 3 pixels.

I draw a dragon (the Jabberwocky) in the background.


<Card Soldiers and the Queen of Hearts>

I draw the card soldiers. I use pretty thin lines, considering the perspective.

By using different poses and facial expressions, I can bring out a bit of individuality for the cards

When drawing these lines, I changed the opacity of the rough draft to check whether the shape of the soldiers was too regular.


Then I draw the Queen of Hearts.

As I draw the Queen of Hearts, I change the design from the rough draft slightly to make the silhouette more distinct.

Rather than focusing on the details of the clothing, I design the silhouette so that the character is clear even when seen from a distance.


Now I’ve finished the line art for each part.


[2] Changing the line art color

I change the line art to blue to create a more dreamy, fantasy effect.

I create a new layer above the line art and fill it with blue, then turn on [Clip at Layer Below].


I do the same with all the line art layers to change the color.


[3] Move the draft layers into a folder

I flatten all my draft layers into one layer, then move a copy into each folder. I’ll do the painting above these layers.


① I hide all folders except for the folder containing the rough layers, then select [Combine copies of displayed layer].


② I then move copies of the created layer to each folder.

Now I’ve finished the line art.



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