1. Preparing the Tools




This is my finished illustration.


・ Artist profile: lack

Since leaving Level-5, I’ve been working as an illustrator mostly for trading card games. Major games I’ve illustrated for include “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, "Duel Masters”, "Last Chronicle”, "Sangokushi Taisen”, and “Rage of Bahamut”.


[1] Set-up the application

I’m right-handed, so I arrange my color palette, [Tool] palette, [Layer] palette all on the right side of the screen.


I also prepare a large [Sub View] palette on the left side for me to pick up colors from the color draft at the clean version stage, although I won’t use this palette at the rough stage.

My screen resolution is a 27 inch monitor (2560 × 1440), so this palette doesn’t get in the way even if it is pretty big.


I register my favorite colors on the [Color Set] palette. I select colors with high saturation and brightness to enhance the fantasy feeling for this illustration.


[2] Brushes

These are the three brushes that I’ll use this time.


① Custom Watercolor Brush (カスタム水彩毛筆)

This is a useful tool with a tip shaped like a watercolor brush. I use this for lots of things: rough sketches, line art, and painting.

I think that it is even easier to use by occasionally toggling [Mix ground color].


② Textured Watercolor Brush (水彩毛筆質感)

This is basically the same as the Custom Watercolor Brush above, but with a rough paper textured applied.

I mainly use this for painting the final version of my illustrations. It is very useful when you want a slightly rough texture such as for clothes and men's skin.


③ Rough Watercolor Brush (水彩毛筆あらめ)

I use this brush to paint comparatively rugged textures, such as backgrounds.

This has the same paper texture as “Textured Watercolor Brush”, but has a slightly more rugged brush tip to create an irregular texture.


You can download the original brushes used in this lesson from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS.

Simply search for the artist’s name “lack” in the ASSETS search bar.

Note: You need to register a free Clip Studio account to download materials.



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