5. Finishing the Hot Air Balloon



Next, I will continue with the sweet-shaped balloons making up the hot air balloon. I draw the details in brighter colors than the flat colors. I’m using the Triangle brush again for this step.

This is how it looks with the rough details painted in.

I decided I wanted only boiled sweets, so I removed the wrapped candy design that was in the rough draft.

I draw in highlights and outlines to emphasize the sweets.

I use the Triangle brush for the highlights and the thin Chalk pen for the outlines.

I move on to the basket of the hot air balloon and the panda inside.

To make her more expressive, I changed the pose of the panda so that she is looking through a telescope to search for her boyfriend in the storm.

I gave the panda a raincoat instead of an umbrella.

Now that I have the main features of the drawing, I rethink the color of the large circle. A dark color looks better at the moment.



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