8. Finishing Touches



A. Adding gradient

I will some gradients to the drawing to increase the sense of depth.

Instead of creating a blurred gradient, I’ll use a sub tool from the [Decoration] tool > [Hatching and sand pattern] group to create a gradient with a hand-drawn feeling.

I mainly use [Cross-hatching x1], and use [Cross-hatching x4] and [Cross-hatching (for tone scraping)] for some parts. I alter the brush size between 240px and 380px using the modifier keys “Ctrl + Alt”.

I want the spotlight focused on the girl, so I add both bright and dark colors on each part.

I add the cross-hatching on a new layer above the color layer, set to [Clip at layer below].

Note: You can clip layers using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + G”.

Fr some parts, I don’t create a separate layer for the cross-hatching, but instead change the layer setting to [Lock Transparent Pixel] and simply build up the colors.

Drawing a clipped layer allows you to adjust the colors separately, but also increases the number of layers. Because of this, I use [Lock Transparent Pixel] for layers that do not require further adjustments.

B. Adjusting the colors

I prepare a layer for color adjustment at the top.

I click the button at the top left of the [Layer] palette to display the menu, and select [New Correction Layer] > [Tone Curve].

This displays a [Tone Curve] dialog box.

Using the Tone Curve, I increase the overall contrast to emphasize the vividness of the boiled sweets.

The brighter parts become brighter and the darker parts become darker. My illustration is now finished.

Finished illustration



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