♦ Knigh - Tutorial ♦


Zorba white -hobbyist
I tried to make a tutorial for an illustration for a knight-I hope you like it!

Let's start by making a small sketch of the manikin's pose. I make a siple pose in this one.

Gradually we add more details to the anatomy, also sketching the knight's weapons.

To this shape, we add to a little aramtura stemplice following the lines of the body, however very sketchy. You have to see many photos as a reference.

From this base, we modify the character by adding details, modifying the armor,From this base, we modify the character by adding details, modifying the armor according to the features we like.I use pencil brush for this.

From this drawing, we choose with the oil brush the colors we will need, playing with the opacity of the brush.

We re-draw the knight more precisely, using the brush -Rough Pencil.

With the oil brush - oil paint fat brush -guache trying to makee more dettail and complite the design.

Adding more adjustments.Go to EDIT - TONAL CORRECTION - HUE/SATURATION/LUMINOSITY for change the saturation and light of the colors.

For the sky background we take a light blue and with GRADIENT we make a shades with a darker color on top of the sheet and lighter at the end.

With the Oil brush make a clouds withe white and grey -light blue colours.

In the new layer add ADD GLOW effect withe air spry .Select white color and regulated the opacity.

With a dark grey select RUNNING COLOR SPRY brush ,for create the shadows fo the clouds.

Complete the background.

With the RUNNING COLOR SPRY , coplete the end of the illustration.

Select from the menu ALL MATERIAL - tag PAPER TEXTURE and select "キャンバス地" texture.Add effect OVERLY and regoulate the opacity for create a canvas effect.

Select LAYER -NEW CORRECTION LAYER-TONE CURVE to adjust color tone.

This is final illustration ▼ I Hope you like it!!!!!



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