How to draw glitter effect


I will explain how to draw the effect of glittering light.

1. Make a brush

First, make a brush. Select sub tool [Figure] → direct drawing → broken line.
Draw a square with "Create fill" selected in the line / fill settings (the state of the image).
(The canvas is 721 dpi at 1000 x 800.)

Next, register the material.
Make the expression color of the layer property gray.
Make sure that the layer you created earlier is selected.

Click Edit → Register Material → Image.

Check Use as the brush tip shape.
Select the storage destination of the material as you like.
Material name was named glitter square.
Material registration is complete.

I will make a brush.
Sub Tool [Decoration] → duplicates the "feather" brush in the effect / direction
Click the paper icon to bring up the duplicate screen.
Make the name a glitter square brush.

Click the spanner icon in the tool properties.
Sub tool details → Brush tip → Remove the wing of tip shape, and register the glitter square you made earlier.
The brush is complete with 100% opacity of the ink.

2. Draw a glitter

Draw a glitter using the square brush mentioned earlier.
You may change the brush particle size as you like.
I think that the color is a high saturation color.
In the case of the HSV color slider, the bar of S is saturation.
For HSV color circles, the horizontal axis is saturation.

Once drawn, duplicate the layer.
The top layer
Set white as the drawing color and then change the color of the line to drawing color
Change the color of the layer.

In the lower color layer
Filter → Blur → Gauss Blur
Gauss blur is applied to complete the glitter.

In the case of a white background, the layer below is a normal layer,
In the case of a blackish background, it is beautiful if the layer below is a light emitting layer.

3. Example illustration

No effect

With effect

I think that the screen became a bit bustling by having added the glitter effect.

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far!


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