How to Make a Fantasy Helmet For a Character



First a Sketch!- Pencil Tool

First, I wanted to sketch a good base for the head. Its is basic human anatomy. When I was finished with drawing the basic shape of the skull of my character, I began to add on the basic shapes of the helmet, It's like you are covering the head basically. I used the Real Pencil tool. It feels like you are sketching on paper, and I like to use loose lines

Alright I'm Finished with the sketch

Using the Watercolor Paint tool to Add Gray tones. Beginning of Coloring

My helmet Reflects the Light in a Circular Fashion

I like to Use the Circle tool in order to create a guide for how I want the light to hit the helmet. The Helmet is going to be really shiny later so I want to make the white light as bold as possible

With the Watercolor Tool, I want to place a reflection of the ground ( which I want to be quite dark) in the bottom of the reflection in a circular motion to signify that this is going to be metal.

Now using the Water color Brush, I want to start adding in some darks to add contrast to the helmet. I also wanted to add some light colors to signify that fantasy lights are popping off the helmet

Getting Into the Nitty Gritty

I want my character to be bold and noble, so I wanted to add some base colors of a dark yellow so that the helmet can have a hero like Trim

As I am going along I added some dark trims to the outskirts of the armor to give the helmet some dimension and let the viewer know that some parts of the protrude off of the helmet. I am about to add some more lights because this is a SHINYY helmet so I am using this arrow for a light guide and I am using the watercolor brush to add some lighter tones to the gold trim

Using the marker tool, I am adding some subtle dark tones to add some dimension to the helmet

And using the Marker Tool to add some light that reflects back off of the helmet, signifying its shininess.

In my Other Tutotrial. I show you how to ADD SOME MORE LIGHT

Check it Out!

Thanks for Reading! This is The End product

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