Convenient gradation for manga



In this article, I will explain the “Gradient for Manga” tool.
There are many specifications that can be applied to other gradation tools.

"Gradient for Manga" tool

First, assuming that you are creating a monochrome cartoon, set the “basic expression color” on the canvas to “monochrome”.

The “Gradient for Manga” tool belongs to the “Gradation” sub tool palette.
Check that “Drawing layer” is set to “Create gradient layer”.

Examples and explanations

Prepare a line drawing and select the part you want to apply gradation to (selection is displayed in red for easy understanding).
Drag this tool at any angle and stroke when selected.

A toned gradient has been created.

Looking at the layer palette,

A gradient layer is created independently.
The part other than the part selected earlier is hidden by the layer mask.
for that reason,

Whereas the gradation disappears when the mask is masked with an eraser or transparent color,
The mask is peeled off and the gradation appears on the part drawn with black.

Edit with the Object tool

In the case of analog, it is difficult to replace the tone that was pasted.
However, in the case of digital, adjustment is possible even after the “gradation layer” has been created.

Switch to the "Object" tool.
Then, a blue operation bar appears on the `` gradient layer '', so if you move it down,

Do you see that the position of the gradation has dropped? (Compare with the image of the girl before explaining the mask.)

If you move it up,

Do you see that the position of the gradation has gone up?

By pulling the top of the operation bar, you can extend or contract the operation bar.
At this time, the lower cross does not move.

You can also lick. (You can of course lick when creating.)

Like this, without moving the bar,

The darkness can be adjusted by moving the triangle mark when the “Object” tool is selected.

Shape, etc.

In addition, if the “Object” tool is selected, gradation can be added later using the “Shape” item.
“Circle” or “Oval” can be selected, or “End” can be set to “Repeat” or “Wrap”.


As a supplement, it is possible to create a gray gradation by canceling “Tone” in “Layer Properties”.

Color display is also possible by setting "Layer color".

in conclusion

Thank you for your long-term relationship.
It may have been a rudimentary story
I hope it was helpful to someone.



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