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Try CLIP STUDIO PAINT on a Tablet PC [raytrektab]

Let's start the "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" which is powered up and delivered! Here, we introduce how to draw digital illustrations and enjoy using various tablets.
You can draw on a smartphone with a small screen, but a tablet PC with a slightly larger screen will draw differently.

The "raytrektab" used this time is a tablet PC released by Dospara, a famous personalized personal computer for each application.
Since the lightweight pen is made by the pen tablet maker WACOM, the drawing comfort is outstanding. CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT is also one for drawing.
Although it is compact, you can draw full-fledged illustrations without stress, so it is recommended not only for those who buy for the first time, but also as a second unit.

This time, Kaiua appeared and introduced the usefulness of knowing when drawing with CLIP STUDIO PAINT, along with the comfort of using a tablet PC, and the convenient places where you can make more fun works. I will do it!

* This article is a compilation of "Small S" published in Vol. 57 released in April 2019.
* This article is in Japanese. Machine translations are available for non-Japanese sites.

7th Navigator [Kaia]

He draws delicate and beautiful boys, decorative costumes, and a gothic world view. I like black and white hair.

What tools do I need to draw on a tablet?

raytrektab (DG-D10IWP)
Resolution: 10.1 inch LCD (1920 × 1200)
Digitizer: Wacom feel IT technologies Digitizer
4096 gradation scan rate 360Hz
Accessories (part): Pen with pen pressure sensing function / CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT (serial number enclosed)
* Internet connection is required.
Product URL:

* Available in Japan only on Japanese OS.


If you register the serial number attached to the benefit in raytrektab, you can use CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT.

It has all the necessary functions, such as a variety of brushes with good drawing, 3D functions and filters.
It's not a trial version, so it's nice to be able to use it forever.
If necessary, you can switch to a higher grade CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO / CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX. (A separate fee will be charged, but it can be purchased at a special price.)

What can you do with a tablet?

■ Light-weight pen which does not need recharging does not get tired and draws comfortably!

Raytrektab differs greatly from other tablets in the presence of the "digitizer pen".

There is no need to charge and no battery, so it's as light as 5g.
The slim and easy-to-grip form and weight make you feel as if you were drawing with a ballpoint pen or millipen.

Like a ballpoint pen, the pen tip comes out when pushed.

▲ The shape of the pen tip is like a millipen.

The point that makes this pen is a pen tablet maker Wacom that can not be overlooked.
The pen pressure sensitivity is very fine with 4096 gradations and responds delicately.
The digitizer pen can be drawn diagonally, so you can draw for a long time without stress.

▲ Even a brush of the same size changes so much with pen pressure and tilt. I am glad that I can draw intuitively.

■ Compact size allows you to draw anytime, anywhere

raytrektab is a 10-inch size (approx. 245mm [width] x 176mm [depth] x 9mm [height]), with a 657g body and 5g pen, making it a very compact place.
The 657g body is much lighter than a laptop or pen display.

Compared to the magazine Small S, the width is almost the same and fits perfectly in the Small S.
It is easy to put in a bag or work on a desk.

▲ The liquid crystal size is about A5 size larger than postcard.

■ Machine made by a PC maker High-performance tablet specialized in drawing

The companies that make raytrektab make personal computers customized for their use, such as personal computers for games and personal computers for creators.
It is a tablet specially designed for drawing, so you can start using CLIP STUDIO PAINT with 8GB of memory, high-speed CPU and SSD without any problems.
In addition, since a WEB camera, USB Type-C and microSD card are also inserted, it is a nice place to easily move and store data.

▲ There is also a microphone input and headphone output shared terminal!

● CLIP STUDIO PAINT recommended function①Brush customization

① Select the brush you want to customize, duplicate it and name it.

(2) Click the spanner mark at the lower right of the [Tool Property] palette to display the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.

③ Click the button to the right of [Brush size]. The effect of pen pressure and pen tilt can be changed for each brush.

"Dark watercolor 9"
A brush that is easy to put on and off, custom-made by the ash raven, with a special focus on entry and extraction. We value the ease of drawing line art.

"Dark watercolor □"
The brush itself has a square shape, with a watercolor border on the edge of the paint, giving a unique atmosphere.

"Palette knife 2"
Use when extending or mixing colors. It seems that the touch and texture of the paint remain a little.

● CLIP STUDIO PAINT recommended function②Symmetry ruler

Select the [Ruler] tool → [Create ruler] → [Symmetry ruler].

When you click on the canvas screen, [Symmetry ruler] is created and one purple line is displayed. In the case of the figure below, you can draw symmetrically.

Since drawing is completed just by drawing 1/2, it is convenient for drawing symmetrical glasses and accessories.

By adjusting the [Tool Property] of [Symmetry Ruler], you can create complex shapes.

The following is a ruler made with 4 divisions ([Number of lines]: 4).
In addition to horizontal and vertical, the angle of the ruler can be made diagonally.

▲ The whole picture is completed just by drawing 1/4, so it is suitable for fine drawing such as decoration.

Illustration making [1] From rough to line drawing

①Imagine a vampire or a devil boy. I compared blood to wine and replaced it with roses.

② Draw a line drawing with the original "Dark watercolor 9". Glasses of important items were created with [Symmetry ruler].

Ash raven / It is convenient because you can easily draw difficult shapes and items you want to draw accurately.

③ The line drawing and the undercoat are finished. Asura draws parts in detail.

④ Draw a veil on another layer. Draw without worrying about the overlap, and erase the part that touches the hand later.

Illustration making [2] paint eyes, skin and hair

■ Paint your eyes

① Fill the base of red eyes with solid color. At first it is a simple state without drawing highlights and pupils.

(2) Extend the dark red color with “Palette knife □ 2” and blend in the border to create gradation.

③ Draw a bright color at the bottom with "Dark watercolor 9" and draw a pupil at the center and extend with "Palette knife 2".

Since the pupil is drawn on a separate layer, extending the color with "Palette Knife 2" will not be affected.

を Place the highlight on the pupil. The outline is drawn in the bright part to emphasize the shape.

■ Apply skin

(1) Lock the transparent pixels on the undercoat layer and apply a dark skin to the skin with "Dark watercolor 9".

(2) Put a lizard on the neck and collarbone. Draw the shape while looking at the whole so as not to put too much.

③ Make a sharp and soft lizard. The nose is smoothed with the [Color Mix] tool → [Blur].

入 れ Put a dark lizard under your neck.
If a large lizard enters under the neck, the outline of the face will stand out.

塗 り Apply lips.
After placing the lower lip's shade with "Dark watercolor 9", apply it with "Palette knife 2".

暗 い Gently put a dark red lizard around the eyes so that it does not become too strong.

[POINT] Draw a contour on the lizard to make it impressive
Haashiras didn't put much lizard on his face, but he made a sharp coat with a dark flesh-colored border on the bangs.
In addition to bangs, if you draw a border on the contour of the face or the lizard at the neck, it will give a sharp impression.

Unlike the line art layers, the layers are not very separate when coloring.
"It's better to draw on a single layer to get a more beautiful touch."

▲ The skin was painted on one sheet.

■ Apply hair

(1) Paint dark gray from the base above and below the place where you want to paint gloss with "Dark watercolor 9".

▲ If you check [Lock Transparent Pixel], the color will not protrude from the part painted on the layer.

(2) While leaving the shape of the place you want to brighten, spread with a large size [blur].

③ Repeat steps ① and ② to make it darker. The border with the bright place is the darkest color.

さ せ Display the veil drawn on a separate layer and check how it looks.

ベ ー Because the veil has hidden the gloss of the hair than expected, shift the position and apply again.

を Makes the tip of the bangs lighter and more transparent. Place a color with "Dark watercolor 9" and spread with [Mix] → [Blur].

で Use “Palette knife □ 2” to put a light gray on the gloss and smooth it with [Blur].

と When the edges of the head were crisp in light gray, the shape of the head became clear, giving a three-dimensional effect.

合成 Set the composition mode of the new layer to [Multiply], and add a brush with hair bundles overlapping with "Dark watercolor 9".

描 い Draw the flow of hair from the whirlpool. We will not revise the gloss so that the shape is not interrupted by lines.

[POINT] Search for colors close to the image
Even if you pick up and paint a color close to the image with [Color Set] or [Color Circle], the impression of the color will change if you match it with the background or costume, but digital can change the color after painting It is attractive. It is possible to change from a warm color to a cool color to a completely different color.

Since it is difficult to adjust the color of ash / black hair, adjust the hair color to image in [Edit] → [Tone Correction] → [Hue / Saturation / Brightness].

Illustration making [3] Painting clothes and decorations

■ Apply a white shirt

(1) Lock the transparent pixel on the shirt layer and paint a white shirt. First of all, place the color where the wrinkles will enter in pink gray.

② I painted elbows with deep wrinkles in “dark watercolor □” with watercolor boundaries. At the same time, apply it to the inside of the cuffs for a sharper look.
③ Once you have applied a dark color, use the “palette knife □ 2” to blend in with the base color of the base. As the color gradually increases, this brush is easy to adjust.

塗 り Apply the collar. The lizard on the back side has a fringed shape and is crisp. On the front side, apply "Dark watercolor 9" and lighten the color with [Blur].

⑤ Further reduce the color density with "Palette Knife 2" while increasing the color density.

A smooth gradation with no color unevenness was obtained.

[POINT] Where to wrinkle clothes
The wrinkles on the chest are modest, wrinkles are concentrated on the armpits and bent elbows. Also, the collar and cuffs are crisp, so they don't wrinkle much.
By adding sharpness to the place where wrinkles are to be added, the three-dimensional effect is emphasized more.

A. There are few wrinkles because the shoulder is firm.
B. The rolled ribbon has not only wrinkles but also irregularities.
C. The upper arm that overlaps with the hand has not only wrinkles but also a whole lizard.

■ Apply clothes decoration

① Paint the metal decoration with “Dark watercolor 9”. Base gold → dark hues → highlights.
(2) A metal pattern is attached by ad-lib. It is a little darker than the base and is drawn along the shape of the collar.

③ The inside of the pattern is dark and the outside is bright to express the unevenness. The pen tip of the digitizer pen was thin, so it was painted accurately.
足 Add highlights to decorative borders. If you draw a line partially instead of the whole, the glossiness will increase.

■ Apply neck decoration

① "Dark watercolor 9" with gold base and dark lizard. The lizard is put diagonally.
(2) Highlights are drawn with the [G pen] that can draw a line. The three-dimensional effect comes out when the luster enters.
(3) Reduce the display on the canvas, check the prominence of the decoration in the picture, and fine-tune the color and gloss.
状態 The state that I repainted many times. The difference in shading became gentle, giving the impression that the color and three-dimensional effect were suppressed.

[POINT] Draw and look at the picture
Asura / I value the impression when I see it with a pull.

Digital can be drawn finely by expanding, but I am aware that the final form is important.

Points for drawing with a high degree of perfection

■ Change the color of the lines to create an atmosphere

Check [Lock Transparent Pixel] in the line drawing layer, and change the color of the line drawing while watching the painted area.

The colors around the eyes, such as the eyelids and double lines, have been changed.

■ Expanding color with texture

Ashurasu simulates completion by considering the texture to put on from the rough stage.
Place it on the image of the picture, such as a random texture or a rough texture.

I also like the ooze / texture bleeding like watercolors and the color tone is a little yellow.

Level correction: increase contrast
Texture A: Rough pattern
Texture B: random pattern

A beautiful vampire boy has been completed up to the fingertips.

With a custom brush that focuses on the strength of lines and ease of drawing, it has a delicate touch.
Use a custom brush to bring it closer to the paint or line drawing you want to image, so it's a good idea to adjust the brush.

Also, [Symmetry ruler] used by Ashuras when drawing glass is a function unique to CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
There are many ways to use it, such as [Perth Ruler], which draws lines in Perth Street, and [Special Ruler], which draws parallel and radial lines, so please try it.

Recommend points of the ash crow's tablet

I always draw on board tablets, so drawing on the LCD was also fresh. I looked closely at the tablet, so I was worried.
After using it, I was worried about differences in pen pressure sensing and drawing comfort, but I could draw without any problems.
The digitizer pen was easy to hold and easy to draw. Speaking of selfishness, I thought that I wanted a bigger size because the specs and drawing comfort were good.
Also, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has been used since the beginning of digital, it has been about 6 years since I started using it, and I have customized a lot of brushes, so it is good to be able to transfer those settings to CLIP STUDIO PAINT of raytrektab as it is felt.

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An illustration magazine launched in 2005. According to the catchphrase "Making & Contribution Magazine", a magazine is created by posting articles on how to draw illustrations and posting illustrations. Contents where you can enjoy both digital and analog illustrations. Work can be posted from the Web.


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