Brushes that are awesome to try


Brushes I found

I decided to find as many cool brushes as I can and make a painting using those brushes. Here are some amazing sets I have found:

Pretty pricey, but you get a lot of photo bashing and nice details very quickly. There are a ton of brushes in there, but I just love the way it works and how much variety you can do. My favorite ones are the smoke ones that you can do in any direction! Also it has a cool tree brush in it. It makes it super easy to make tree branches.

Another amazing brush set I could not pass by is blood. It has amazing texture to it and the author has more than 1 set available. You can actually find the one that is more suitable for your project. It's great.

This brush is really amazing. It works in a weird way. If you press on your tablet, it will have less ink. If you do not press enough, then it have full ink in it. It has a nice texture to it. I basically used it for the entire painting. It is cheap too.

This is just a simple pencil brush for sketching. I used it to sketch for my entire painting. It is simple and easy to use. I like the simplicity and the texture to it.

Great effects for fighting and any special effects! I used only a little bit of this set, but I cannot recommend this one enough. Just love it.

Speedpaint and Video

I made a video on how to use the brushes and a time lapse of my speed paint.

In this video I talk about the brushes I provided. After that you can watch my speedpaint that I made for a war scene concept. My process was pretty standard. I found references and looked into what I wanted in my scene. I sketched it out with the pencil brush I found. After that I painted values and all of the big shapes. After that I used the destruction brushes to add to my scene. Explosions and smoke are the best. I really enjoyed working on that image. After that I decided to add finishing touches and that's about it. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Here is the finished painting I did. Maybe I will add color later down the line :)


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