How to paint skin ( Step by step) !


Step by step skin tutorial!

Hey guys!🌱
✨I'm Wisteria a freelance illustrator and comic artist!✨
Today I will share with you my illustration style painting technique !💕
As well as the brushes I use.

And it's this pretty girl who will be today's guest!
Let's get into it!!!

Step 1: Add base colors!

So basically what you do is just put your base colors in separate layers, Under the sketch or lineart layers, it's as simple as that!
it's easier when you have a clean lineart, since it won't take as long.

Brush: Bucket tool and any Pen.

Step 2: add blush and soft shading with the air brush!

Using a clipping mask over the base layer will make this step so much more easier!
And make sure to use the right color for the skin tone!
Don't be afraid to experiment.

Brush:Soft Air Brush

Step 3: block in the shadows using a darker color or blending mode!

study, study, study!
Observe how light cast shadow on skin, study how other artists put shadows, and practice lots!!!
But some parts of the body are always in shade, like the eyes , temples under the chin, the collar bones...

Brush: G-pen or anything sharp.

step 4: Blend it!

Step 5: Block in a lighter color to add light!

make sure to shade the chest correctly:
The shadow should be inside and the light on top.
if you do the opposite the drawing will look flat.
So make sure to do that correctly!

Brush: G-pen or anything sharp.

Step 6: Blend the light in!

When blending make sure to not just do it randomly!
You should not only blend with strokes following the muscle structure but also use the right brush size!
For exemple : I use a small size on the face parts and a bigger one for the tight/arms and body in general.
If you don't do that your shading will look weird.

Brush:Blender tool.

Step 7: Add Highlights!

My favorite part! The rendering!
in this step you add those juicy highlights on a "Add(Glow)" layer set on 51 opacity.
You can also add some light effects, color dodge, and environment effect, like shadow from a leaves or light scattered, etc...
Just Have fun, experiment and try all kind of things until your satisfied!

Brush: Watery Watercolor Brush.

I like to add another "Add(glow)" layer again but 100 opacity!
to add sharper and more defined highlights.

Brush: Watery Watercolor Brush.

And that's it!
Congratulations , now you know how to paint skin the way I do it!
But don't stop there!
💕We still have a Long fun way to go!
Keep on practicing, experimenting and improving through out your art journey, have fun and enjoy the process!
💕Thank you for reading it all the way through !💕

💕If it was useful to you don't forget to leave a like 💕

Here's the video version of this tutorial with the full process speedpaint!


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