Plumas (Critique: Glénat)



Glénat provided its detailled critique on "Plumas", one of the entries to the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2021.

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Pen name: Helz

School: Escola Joso

Country/Region: Spain

Language: Spanish

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Page 1

① Story is clear and animals are very cute, good job !
Generally, I just think that cases should be circled (with a light line) to avoid images with white on white background (as I marked later)

Page 3

② Maybe let the tail of mama fox go through the cases in front? To create relief

Page 5

③ Rework that angle

Page 8

④ Keep the notes going through the cases, but make them come from the bird, without bubbles.

⑤ Add a note here, just to make reader understand music stops as the fox looks at them?

Page 9

⑥ Work on that face to make it cuter (or younger), it looks like an adult here.
Add some expressivity?

Page 10

⑦ The story and art of the comics seems for children but the end is a little bit sad... :(
We don't know if the baby fox will fall or fly...


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