Practice the guidelines and draw the pose you want!


Hello everyone!
How are you? I'm sure you're drawing well 😊

This time, what should I do to draw the pose as I want?
In my opinion, practicing the guidelines is the best.

Certainly, 3D dolls in Clip Studio are a very good feature, and if you draw a picture in your own style against the 3D doll, it is amazing that you can complete your original picture.

But do you know the length of your arm? Do you know where you will be your elbows by drawing a line from your side to your hand?

Do you know where your thighs will be your knees and shins when you draw your feet?

I know 😊 (not perfect 😓)
I practiced and learned the guidelines.

At first, I was skeptical, and I used simple circles and rectangles to draw poses, referring to pictures of people.

Even with simple circles and rectangles, I was able to express various poses and draw them easily.
I think you will soon get used to drawing in this way.
Then you will move on to the next stage.

Next, I will draw a rectangle in three dimensions.

Once you get used to drawing this way, the next step is to draw more body parts in a similar way.
It seems difficult, but I think that you have the power to draw in the practice so far.

And we just make a guideline shape that is easy for you to draw.
By doing so, you will be able to know the length of your arms and legs, and you will be able to draw your body from a different angle 😊

* When watching a video, be sure to set "Automatic translation" to your native language.

Thank you for watching till the end 😊

I hope you can draw comfortably.



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